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“Never The Heroes” (Single) by Judas Priest

Artist: Judas Priest
Title: “Never The Heroes” (Single)
Label: Columbia Records
Release Date: 3/2/2018
Genre: Heavy Metal

Though I’m not going to argue about the third single being released only days before the bands upcoming “Firepower” album I will admit that it took me a little by surprise. Perhaps I would have thought differently if it was released two weeks in advance as opposed to one but here we are with the track “Never The Heroes”. It follows “Lightning Strike” and “Firepower” so let’s get right down to business with what this one does for me as a few decades deep fan of Judas Priest.

The beginning is quite interesting and atmospheric and when the riff comes in we find it being a slower and more trudging melody. Halford is using more of a speaking register during the main vocal parts and raising his vocal power more during the chorus. It’s a catchy chorus as well and while it was playing I found my head bopping in time with the beat. I guess the overall premise of this one is focused on being in battle as part of the chorus says “Never the heroes, we were made to fight, Never the heroes, we were just sacrificed at war” but upon examining the whole lyrical base its not waiving a flag with a peace sign over the masses while at the same time not glorifying combat. I liked it and felt that we were three for three as far as the new album was concerned. I hope that I get my copy fast, so I can discuss the rest of it and its artwork and such. I’m still one of those Metal fans that loves holding the full-on CD in their hands to file nice and secure in a massive music library.

Track Listing:
1. Never The Heroes

Official Website: http://www.judaspriest.com

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