NECA Presents: Iron Maiden’s “Eddie” in Powerslave Incarnation

Hey there my friends, do you remember when I was doing the Toy Fair coverage earlier in the year and I spotlighted a couple of the cool action figures that the world was going to get from NECA? If not that is okay but to recap they have been offering up some serious coolness based on Iron Maiden’s own maniacal mascot “Eddie” and we’ve seen him in his quite classic “Killers” form as well as from “The Trooper” with a real cloth outfit. Now I am happy to share with you the image of their available everywhere “Eddie” in his “Powerslave” Mummy outfit. Check out the official photo below and then I’ve got some press copy for you to absorb.

NECA - Powerslave Eddie Figure

Here’s the Official Word on the figure from the NECA site “Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the classic metal masterpiece – Iron Maiden’s POWERSLAVE – with this amazing “Mummy” Eddie. Based on the poster and program artwork from their groundbreaking 1984-1985 World Slavery Tour, this 8″ tall Eddie action figure features real metal chains that can be connected to the mouth or unhooked for when he breaks free. Also includes a bonus interchangeable second head based on the SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME artwork, with the bandages stripped away to reveal more of the beast that lies beneath.”

I found the action figure in the nearby Toys R Us and it commands an almost $30 price tag but you Maiden diehards know that you need this and that money is often no object when it comes to building ones collections. Check out how it looks on the shelves. I know I want to get one of these and probably better do so quickly since this will likely be a hot seller. He will sit nicely next to NECA’s “Fiend” figure that they also recently put out based on The Misfits. I spoke about that figure HERE.


Official Website:
Official Website:

Just in case you are in a space where you cannot easily find this in the stores, here is a link to the product on; I also made this better by adding a few other Iron Maiden figure links that NECA did. You’re welcome 🙂

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