NECA Gets Their Spook On With The Misfits “Fiend” Action Figure

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Fans of The Misfits will be looking for an extra treat in their Halloween goody bags this year with this treat from the fine folks at NECA as they present us with “The Fiend” action figure who is most commonly known as being the mascot for the legendary Horror Punk band.

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The figure actually made its debut at the San Diego Comic Con a few months ago but now that the New York Comic Con is here, the whole world of fandom can get their hands on one since its now available everywhere. Check out the press copy from the NECA Team after this photo of “The Fiend”….

Figure - Misfits Fiend - Black Pkg

“Get your retro fix with this brand new Misfits “The Fiend” doll! The poseable 8″ figure is dressed in tailored fabric clothing similar to the retro toy lines that helped define the licensed action figure market in the 1970s. The Fiend is one of the most recognized music mascots of all time, and we are proud to present two versions based on the classic artwork and imagery of the legendary punk band Misfits. The Fiend is available in either red or black flowing robes: both versions come complete with three different hands and a candelabra accessory.”

Figure - Misfits Fiend - Black

I love these and I started off the presentation with the figure in the black robes but you can also get one in the red which is how I have seen the Fiend making appearances at live shows for The Misfits. If I end up adding this to my own collection, I will probably be leaning toward this one.

Figure - Misfits Fiend - Red Pkg

Figure - Misfits Fiend - Red

Back in 1999 the folks at 21st Century Toys released action figures of the band members Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and it would be great to find NECA being able to re-issue these to fans in today’s collecting world. Readers already know how we love what NECA does for the toy fans based on the highlights we show from our Toy Fair coverages but for now we have two different fiends to enjoy. What do you think? Will you be grabbing one of these figures or are you planning on getting both. I’ve added some links for you to have an immediate purchase point with a decent price.

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Official Website:

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