“Nail Them To The Cross” (Video) by Dark Funeral

Fans of the legendary Black Metal band Dark Funeral will be feeling the fires of the eternal abyss rising fiercely within them based on the recent news from the bands publicity arm about a new “7” single being released to accompany the video. Fans can read the release below and then watch the video as well. I will close it up with some thoughts on the new tune and clip before we go.

Logo - Dark Funeral

The Press Release:
*DARK FUNERAL to release 7″ and digital single “Nail Them To The Cross” in February* On February 23rd, Swedish masters of furious, intense and merciless black metal, DARK FUNERAL, will return with the release of their new single/7″ entitled, *Nail Them To The Cross*. Besides the title track, that has been
released as a video some weeks ago in order to present their new vocalist Heljarmadr, the single includes another brand new track called “Temple Of Ahriman”. Both songs were recorded at Dugout Studios in Uppsala/Sweden and were mixed and mastered by Daniel Bergstrand. The cover artwork was created
by Marcelo Vasco”.

*Nail Them To The Cross* will be available as a digital download and a hand-numbered 7″ limited to 1000 copies worldwide, of which 500 copies are on black vinyl and 500 on blue vinyl. The 7″ will only be available at www.cmdistro.com and at the band’s live shows, starting with one of their first appearances featuring the new members Heljarmadr and Natt at Blastfest (Bergen, NO) on February 20th. The
CM Distro pre-order starts on January 26th”.

Check out the title track “Nail Them To The Cross” here:

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Now perhaps its the fact that I just saw Dark Funeral’s label mates Watain along with the insidious Mayhem just the other night for me to have found the video a little less than I expected. Don’t get me wrong because its quite foreboding but the only one moving in the clip is the new singer Heljarmadr while the rest of the lineup stand with menace right behind him. Vocally I felt that he sounded a little bit like Dimmu Borgir’s Shagrath at portions and that is not a bad thing to me since I am a big fan of the band. Visually he is cloaked in robes and spewing blood all over his corpsepaint. Quite frightening a sight. The song itself works well with what their legacy fans might expect from the band in today’s framework. The reign of Emperor Magus Caligula has ended for good and now they aim to propel their dark message to the masses with new blood . Hmmm, I hope I can use that again for the album review because I like the way it sounds. The tune will likely also appeal to new fans of these Black Metal giants and I will look forward to presenting my thoughts on the full album as soon as its possible to do so.

Official Website: http://www.darkfuneral.se
Official Website: http://www.centurymedia.com

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