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“My Valentine” (Single) by Madame Mayhem

Artist: Madame Mayhem
Title: “My Valentine” (Single)
Label: Headball Records
Release Date: 2/10/2018
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

With today being Valentine’s Day, that rocker among rockers known as Madame Mayhem has delivered a tasty little ditty to help you deal with the day a little better. Now before we get down to brass tacks and indulge in this tasty treat I should share that not only is this an older track that was done by The Herself a few years ago but that its also a cover of a song by the great Sir Paul McCartney. Don’t worry, I didn’t know that information myself and before I dove into this one, I played the Paul track to see just how different or similar that it would be. The Paul original version is a slower, almost Jazz standard sort of piece while the Madame’s will hit you hard where the bouquet of roses won’t shine. Once I began the track and set the volume level to LOUD, it was very clear to me that Madame Mayhem had made the song her own.

The tune begins with a nice guitar riff and pulsing backbeat before the vocals come in. For those who have never heard Mayhem, she is a clean singing powerhouse who knows how to grab you by the throat. There are some hills and valleys in the tune where it slows down just a little before the guitar lead building up. I’ve been able to catch her a few times in concert and really hope she brings this tune to the stage even though its among her older catalog of numbers. It’s very catchy and I was singing along pretty quick and I think that you will be doing the same after the first listen or two. I love the art on the digital single as it depicts Mayhem and her striking signature look on the face of a brand-new playing card “The Mayhem Of Hearts”. In case you wondered, Mayhem really DOES have a pink spiked leather gauntlet. Trust me, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Give this single a shot as its only a buck care of the code below and remember that the time has never been more right to support the up and coming talent that the music industry has. It’s time to take a knee before Madame Mayhem. Happy Valentine’s Day to the lovers out there and a Happy February 14th to everyone else.

Track Listing:
1. My Valentine

Official Website:

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