My Lifestyle Blogsite Is Now Six Years Old :)

Hey there readers, please pardon my break in the usual offerings for a moment but I wanted to share the news that my Lifestyle Blog “PiercingKen” is now six years old. The actual anniversary was yesterday but I had other items queued up here on and had to wait a little longer before sharing the news about that domain surpassing 2,190 days online. I’ve enjoyed this being my creative home away from home because its made my process even more fun and challenging since I speak about so many different topics on that site that are in no way related to the Heavy Metal music scene. For those folks who are just now hearing about this site since so many people are new to our mix, the site is loaded with NYC photos, touristy stuff, food forays and cooking adventures and the occasional music piece that has nothing to do with Metal but still needs to be talked about. Sometimes I use that site to discuss things on PiercingMetal and that is why in this case, is being used the same way.


Before continuing on, I wanted to discuss the photo you see above. I had a little fun with the 6th anniversary image for this post and scanned half of a “Justice League of America” ruler that I have had since 1975. If you look carefully you will notice that I chopped the photo at the 6th interval. I love this ruler and am happy that I still have it so many years later. Do you recognize all the characters in the image? If you don’t its Hawkman, Batgirl, Captain Marvel (SHAZAM), Plastic Man, Batman and Superman. Maybe I will use the full photo when hits its 12th Anniversary in 2017 but I digress. The activity on has been pretty busy over the last year and I’m just about to hit “500” posts over there which is pretty cool. Many things are photographic presentations as those work out best for the museum pieces and the fashion ones but when I chime in I hope that it inspires you to go check out the topic being discussed. In my Metal Scribe life I have met a lot of visiting people to my city and since the lifestyle site talks about non-concert places to do things and to eat, I always make sure to mention they follow the site on Facebook and Twitter or even Instagram to be in the loop at all times. I love sending our tourists to our sights when it comes down to it. As you can imagine, I don’t post on PiercingKen as much as I do on PiercingMetal but that is fine since there is always something going on that merits my sharing it there and my goal for this year is to see how close I can get to the 600th post point.

Alright its time for me to get back to the business at hand. Thanks to all who are finding this other website of mine to their liking. Its goal is a simple one and that’s to entertain. I’m fairly certain that the mission was accomplished before it even hit year five. Click the main link below to see the latest stuff and do find those Social Networks so you don’t miss anything else. Ciao.

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