Music Luminaries Share Their New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012: Part 7

Well Happy New Year to my Heavy Metal Legions of the Night!!! Welcome to 2012!!!! How are you all feeling today ? Should I whisper, or are we okay? Grab some coffee, aspirin or water and shake the strain of last night off yourself its time for us to get back to business. So here we are at the dawn of a shiny New Year and I bet you thought that I had finished up with my sharing of some of the New Year’s Metal (or Musical) Resolutions for 2012 from the music luminaries that I have been so fortunate to encounter. “Surprise” because I still have a some to bring to your attention and actually since there were a few more than I had been posting each day I, decided to put them all in one place and close out the topic. Let me stop talking and let you get to indulging in their views. Take a look.

Pamela Moore: My New Years Resolution: Keeping my heart and soul open in ALL areas of life. Being grateful and staying true to myself and others AND…..releasing my new solo CD in 2012! Happy NEW YEAR to all!!

Doris Yeh (bassist for Chthonic): I hope for the next year, I can be braver to face and solve the problems in front of me, and have more persistence to achieve my goal in music career, besides, more smiles with me! 😉

Todd LaTorre (lead vocals for Crimson Glory): My biggest goal for 2012 is for Crimson Glory to finish the writing, recording, and release our new album! We have so much to share with the world still, this journey isn’t over m/

Emily “M” Lazar (lead vocals for September Mourning): My Musical Resolution for this year is to see September Mourning into its fruition for our fans… with our story being told, our world being created and our music being heard everywhere.

Johnny Icon (vocals for Icon and the Black Roses/Ace Of Hearts): My new year’s metal resolution for 2012 is to release the second Icon & the black roses album” [:)]

Greg Giordano (lead guitar for Turrigenous): My New Year’s Metal Resolutions are to finish the demos for our second full-length album and to search relentlessly to find managers/booking agents/labels that aren’t afraid of our dynamic range. Personally, I hope to gain better voice stamina and make it through my book of 100 graded classical guitar studies, and maybe get 20 or so more jazz tunes under my belt.

Thomas ‘Obeast’ Koefod (bassist ex-Mnemic): “My New Year’s Metal (or Musical) Resolution form 2012 Is………….to finally launch my new project. Since leaving Mnemic in April 2011 I’ve been taking a break with my great family, been working on new songs, new style, new everything – still forever METAL. Will put myself available for more projects, more studio and live sessions and finally be back on stage again. Stay tuned!”

Acey Slade: My New Years resolution this year is to remember what it was year, make it this year’s and by next year, be ready for a new new years resolution. Simple. OK – Well..I’m starting this year in the same place I did last year-on stage. So, I would say it would be to make this a tradition,
each and every year to be on stage playing music on New Years.

Ricky Byrd (Solo Artist, former guitarist Joan Jett & The Blackhearts): My New Year’s Musical Resolution is to get my CD out (Streetwise*Heart Foolish), and hit da road Jack!!

Charlie Dominici (vocals for Dominici, former Dream Theater): I have made New Years resolutions in the past. Most were frivolous and selfish things like quitting smoking or losing weight. This being a rather significant year, to say the least,I have decided to make a resolution to simply continue doing what I started doing in 2005. That is to use the power of music to spread the word about the gravity of our situation in America and ultimately the world. We are all becoming victims of a great and deepening scheme that has been expertly perpetrated upon us by a handful of greedy and wicked men. If you don’t know what I mean, Google “End Game”. That’s a good place to start. Happy New Year…hopefully! m/

Leslie Hunt (vocals for District 97): My music related resolutions for 2012 are as follows: go to Europe with District 97, get signed with an indie label as a solo artist, and put out/promote/tour to support two new full length studio records!

Tristan Avakian (guitarist for “We Will Rock You” Musical, former of Biohazard/Trans-Siberian Orchestra): I’d like to learn how to blow over changes (see: bebop, jazz standards, Mike Stern). With a burn tone, of course. I’d like to get some more Brent Mason/Nashville stuff under my fingers too.

Lauren Harris (vocalist & Steve Harris of Iron Maiden’s daughter): My New Years resolutions are to stop being late, stop swearing and my musical resolution or more of a wish is to make “Six Hour Sundown” a massive success!

Mike Catricola (host of “The Heavy Metal Mayhem Show”): As A Lifelong Metalhead, My Metal Resolution For 2012 would be to open myself up to more new music. Being A child of the 70’s & 80’s Hard Rock/Metal scene I tend to focus my listening on what I am familar with. I see this new year as a
pivotal one in our scene, with most of the old guard packing it in or retiring. I think we need to support and open up our ears to the music being created by our youth. They will carry us into the century.

Ken Pierce (Master & Commander for PiercingMetal): My new Year’s Metal Resolution for 2012 is to expand upon the things that I did in 2011 and hopefully impact the scene with a firmer resolve. In that I mean to push myself harder for the Metal genre and hopefully raise my own personal bar for the enjoyment of our worldwide readership while doing it. Sticking to the easy stuff is for other outlets so I will continue to discuss bands that work so hard and truly need the attention whenever I can. I’ll also be intensifying the use of the blog with my own unique perspective on Metal related topics. 2012 will find PiercingMetal reaching seven years as an online resource for the Metal fans and I will continue to deliver as much as I can as often as possible for those who wish to read my words and enjoy my photography. I will also aim to work harder with those whose continual support of the brand have made being a music scribe all the more easier. Perhaps I will even win over some parties who are as yet unaware of our efforts in the process.

That brings us to the end of this series of blogs and wow what a ride it has been over these last seven days. I have to say that I was really glad that it all came together as good as it did and that it was received with such positivity by the site fans. Thank you everyone for your kind attention to each of the chapters and super, high powered thanks to all of the incredible musicians who offered up their resolutions and plans for the new year. Now its time to get down to business, I wish all of you a safe, healthy and enjoyable 2012. Stay tuned for more fun and exciting features on

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  1. Well this new year Should be a great one. I got a new All-Star band with a Tour to follow.
    I’m not allowed to name names because of contractual reasons, but it’s going to be huge, A&R Reps. will be fist fighting over who gets us.
    It’s going to be a bidding war so watch for the blood bath to follow and see who wins.
    Could be Roadrunner Records, Capitol, or Sony Music and BMI as our distributor.

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