Music Luminaries Share Their New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012: Part 5

Hey there you are, so very nice to catch you once again. Welcome to the furious fifth installment of these little blog segments as PiercingMetal continues to share with you the New Year’s Metal or Musical Resolutions for 2012 as offered up by some incredibly talented people. I’ve really enjoyed being able to learn what these most Metal mavens have on their minds and judging by the traffic response so have you fine readers back at home. Check these out.

Jack Frost (lead guitarist for Seven Witches): “Well my New Years Metal Rez is I wanna try to continue n make another in ur face record. There’s nothing like haveing fans tell u how much ur music means to them n gets them through the tough times in their lives. And to try to play live more so my son can come n raise his devil horns to me”.

Ronny Munroe (vocals Trans-Siberian Orchestra, former Metal Church/Lillian Axe): “My New Years Resolution is to continue working on being the best father,friend and person I can be and to spread as much happiness as I can to the ones who need it. Corny I know but thats my resolution”.

Jaymz Lennfield (vocals/guitar for Beatallica): “My New Year’s Musical Resolution is to be as focused as ever on being creative, clever, and fun…and if I can’t, then screw it.”

Lizza Hason DeMauro (lead vocals for Mahavatar): “The New Year’s Metal Resolution for me is to expand myself musically as always and for some reason I’m feeling a strong urge to back to some basic “Old School” heavy riffs and rhythms [:)] Mahavatar has been pushing the boundaries for awhile and I love that but I need some simplicity back so that’s how I’m writing these days. Also our “Rise From Betrayal” album will be available from InGroove sites for people to download and buy”.

Dilana Robichaux (Dilana): My New Year’s Musical Resolution Is…to make a kick ass new record and write as many new tunes as I can.

Natasha Komis: Mine is to make sure everyone knows u mess with my music, ur toast. Haha, I was def being half serious but mostly a bit of a clown… ;0 My New Year’s resolution is to remain LOYAL to what I have always believed… Realizing that sticking to my inner happiness is what ultimately will makes others smile… Leading by example.. POSITIVE ENERGY TO ALL, and may 2012 and all its opportunities and changes, open the door to peoples TRUTHS…

Josh Musto (guitars/lead vocals for Shitkill): “It’s gotta be to learn how to bang my head on stage without ending up with a mouthful of hair. That ones at the top of my list!”

Dave Khan (vocals/guitar of Scythia): Our New Year’s Metal Resolution is to get off our asses to go and tour internationally!

Ashley “Ellyllon” Jurgemeyer (keyboardist, former of Cradle of Filth, Abigail Williams): My New Year’s Musical Resolution for 2012 is to have all 4 of the albums I’m currently working on to be completed and released. One including Orbs, one including my solo album, and the other 2 are going to have to be a surprise!

Man oh man we are really getting down to the wire and soon enough 2011 will be a memory. Don’t panic though as I’ve still got a few more resolutions to share with you. So until next time, keep on rocking!!!!

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