Music Luminaries Share Their New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012: Part 4

So as we hit the three days left in 2011 mark let me ask you something. Did anyone else think that the year flew by us at a record pace? I know it did for me and perhaps this instant society we are living in with the Internet being such a core of our daily happenings and Facebook/Twitter addictions being par for the course are the reasons. Whatever the case may be here we are once more in our presentation of the “New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012” from some of the finest musical people that I have had the opportunity to interact with. Please enjoy our fantastic fourth chapter.

Johnny Kelly (drummer for Type O Negative, Seventh Void, A Pale Horse Named Death): Not sure if I have a resolution or not. My first one isn’t music related and that’s to stop smoking! My musical one though is to keep working hard to be able to do something that I still love doing. I want to see great things happen for APHND and I want the new Seventh Void record to come out in 2012!

Steve Blaze (lead guitarist for Lillian Axe): …to become a better, more patient human being. This will enable me to become more well rounded and pure iin all aspects of what I feel are the important elements of a truly great musician. Talent is one aspect but the soul and spirit are what drive it to its limits.

Margarita Monet (lead vocals for Edge Of Paradise): My New Year’s Metal Resolution is, besides writing the best song ever made, to further solidify and spread the heavy sound of my band. It’s not very common these days that bands have their own sound distinguishing them from thousands of other bands, like Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden have, when you hear their songs, you instantly know that it’s Sabbath! So this is the New Year’s resolution, to strive to create epic music with a sound that’s unique to ourselves and of course to tour the world and make everyone hear it 🙂

Chandler Mogel (vocalist for Ouloud): “My New Years Metal Resolution is that this year I plan to really buckle down and ROCK! Or, perhaps “unbuckle and ROCK!” would be more appropriate!”

Ross “The Boss” Friedman: (guitarist for Ross The Boss band, former Manowar) 2011 was an eye opening year for The RTB Band , we played in Venezuela,Europe and we just finished our Souith American tour ! We all realised that we have a very special partnership on stage . We have grown as a band TOGETHER . We feel that TOGETHER we are invincible on stage . So this really sets up 2012 , we have already wrote a bunch of tunes for our 3rd CD but this time we will write the songs and go out and play them live a bunch before we record them !! That’s our resolution !!

Bobby Rondinelli (drummer for Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Lizards, Rainbow): My New Years Resolution is to try to do more for others less fortunate. I also want to take my drumming up a notch. Happy New Year!

Bill Hudson (guitars for Defender/Powerquest/formerly of Cellador/Circle II Circle): This is actually the first time I HAVE a New Year’s Resolution at all, let alone a musical one! [:)] In 2012, I’ll stop trying to fight the obvious demise of the album. People don’t want to buy records? Well, let them not buy it! I’ll sure keep putting out great music with DEFENDER, though. I had a few line up problems (as every startup band has) but we should be good to go now. Hopefully a tour before the summer as well. Working on that one!

Michael Andreas (lead guitarist for Martyrd): My New Year’s Metal Resolution for 2012 is to make sure that every Metalhead in New York has a copy of “The Mortal Coil” and knows the name Martyrd!

Dregen (guitarist for Michael Monroe, former Backyard Babies): My New Year’s Musical Resolution for 2012 Is…To finishing recording and releasing my solo album AND writing, recording the new Michael Monroe album. 2012 will be a busy year.

That’s the low down for now and the end of our ferocious fourth chapter but please stay tuned as some more is headed your way to be enjoyed tomorrow.

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