Music Luminaries Share Their New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012: Part 2

Welcome back, I’m so glad you could join us. You might remember how I recently posted a little more than a handful of New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012 by some truly great musical personality. Well, please enjoy the continuation of this enlightening and fun group of insights as we ask the Metal Community great to finish the sentence “My New Year’s Metal Resolution for 2012 Is……”

Alex Skolnick (lead guitarist for Testament/Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Alex Skolnick Trio): My New Year’s Musical Resolution is to sift through the endless musical ideas I’ve recorded as voice memos or on MP3’s or cassette in the last few years and develop some of them into real songs.

Lance King (lead vocals for Avian, Pyramaze, more): My New Years Metal Resolution is “To incite the Metal Masses, awaken them from their apathy, to get their collective asses in gear to support the scene wherever they live in any way they can. To help spread the word and to go out to see the touring bands, help them make ends meet by paying the ticket price, having a head banging great time and buying a shirt, music or both!!! Seriously, the scene in all countries needs a huge shot in the arm. People need to take up the support roles of the fallen in promoting shows, championing artists with PR, sponsorships, media coverage, video skills, radio, new marketing ideas, alternate sources of revenue so bands are able to get out and do what they love to do best, share the music with the fans live. There simply is nothing in tech and home media that can reproduced a live metal concert’s experience when done well.

Sammy Avigal (vocals for Avigal): My new year’s Metal resolution is to continue living the Metal dream, enjoy what I love, and do best, and hopefully influence the next generation of Metal heads, as I was influenced as a young Metal head myself by the Metal elders of my generation.

Justine Ethier (drummer for Blackguard): My New Years Metal Resolution Is … To avoid every open bar in Texas. I mean I love my texan friends and their generosity, but my liver can’t handle it anymore… And probably my bandmates too ! Thanks for cleaning my messes [:P] happy new year to everyone at PiercingMetal! Keep it heavy !

The Muff (lead vocals/guitar for Naked): My music resolution for 2012 is to put a killer group together in NYC and put out a Muff-tastic album. Hope you stumble across this project in 2012. It will most likely make you beg for your mommy’s milk again!

Richard Hall (keyboards for Orange Sky): My New Year’s Metal (or Musical) Resolution for 2012 is… brandish the scene with more intensity and positivity than ever before. The industry has been highly unkind to the Rock/Metal genre and musicians have all but lost some faith along the way in how to ply their trade. We have to remember what got us started in this business to begin with…..THE MUSIC. It’s all about going back to everything that touched our souls and serving it up again in the most ferocious way. 2012 is the Year Of Rock & Piercing Metal………….you heard it here first…………Peace!

Mike LePond (bassist for Symphony X): My New Years Metal Resolution for 2012 is to finally record a solo CD in between all the Symphony X touring we will do this year.

Anna Dok (keyboards for Operatika: My New Years Musical Resolution for 2012 is to bring more song writing ideas to life, and to explore more new bands that are out there, or bands that are new to me. Ohh, and…world peace! Happy New Year to the PiercingMetal crew!

Chris Sanders (guitars for Knight Fury/Lizzy Borden): This 2012, Knight Fury wants to meet every fan we haven’t already met, and continue to deliver the epic sound of Metal through great composition, successful touring, and media outreach.

Tim “Ripper” Owens (singer Beyond Fear, Dio Disciples, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Yngwie Malmsteen, former Iced Earth/Judas Priest): Mine is To keep doing what I’m doing..Singing Metal and doing to my best!!! Doing it with all my friends and Musicians I have admired through out my life!! I will devote myself to Music more in 2012 then I ever did before!!

That brings us to the end of strike two in this little series of revelations and hopes for 2012. There’s another one being prepped as you read this so don’t worry your pretty little Metal heads about it. Until then, I encourage you to support all those who kindly participated in this chapter by clicking their official website so you can know even more about what they are doing musically right now.

Official Websites:
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Blackguard (Justine Ethier):
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Orange Sky (Richard Hall): http://
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Tim “Ripper” Owens:

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