Multi-Instrumentalist Wayne Static Has Died (11/1/2014)

I am shocked and saddened to pen these words after just arriving home and seeing numerous news feeds that all are pointing to the sad fact that musician Wayne Static has passed away. Born Wayne Richard Wells, the musician was popular for both solo work and his innovations with his band Static-X. He was 48 years old and no cause of death has yet been specified. When this becomes available I shall append this posting.


One of the things that people always recognized about Static was his rather unique hairstyle which found his hair standing straight up along with his unique beard. While I was mostly the casual fan of his efforts with Static-X and had only seen them a couple of times in my adventures I could say that his fans really loved what he was presenting them and that makes his death sad to speak of. These photos were taken from one of the gigs I saw, when they opened up on the Ozzfest of 2007. It was an energetic and high voltage performance for sure and the fans loved every second of it.



Static is survived by his wife actress Tera Wray, whom he married in 2008. We wish her the deepest of condolences during this tragic time and hope that his worldwide fans will never let his music die in their hearts. Rest in Peace Wayne, you were an interesting provider of music for sure and one that has left us far too soon.

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UPDATE: 3/15/2015 – “A coroner’s report, obtained via Billboard, indicates that Static’s death “was a result of mixing Xanax and other prescription drugs (oxycodone, hydromorphone, alprazolam) with alcohol.” His death has been deemed “natural” according to the report”. So another one is lost due to the evil that is drugs. Even prescription ones are risky so avoid if at all possible. Goodbye again Wayne Static.

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