Mudvayne @ Roseland Ballroom (4/12/2005)

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Artist: Mudvayne
Venue: Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Life Of Agony, American Headcharge, Bloodsimple
Date: 4-12-2005
Label: Atlantic Records

I really don’t know why the term Nu-Metal is hated by some and loved by others but that is pretty much the case. Tonight would be the night where several such bands would take over the stage for an evening of kick ass music. Mudvayne would be performing a headlining show at New York’s Roseland Ballroom and they would bring a solid line up with them. Supporting the group for the tour would be would be Life Of Agony, Blood Simple and American Head Charge. While Blood Simple would be the first group to perform, I would not arrive in time to catch them. Instead my evening began with American Head Charge. This is the second time in about two months that I would catch the AHC and seeing them on this tour was indeed a good thing. Lead singer Martin Cock was definitely enjoying himself up there as they delivered their brand of industrial metal to the hungry fans. Sadly, AHC would only be able to play 5 tunes. While a brief set, it did include a couple of my favorite tracks from their release “The Feeding” (those tracks being “Dirty” and “Loyalty”). I am happy to report that the audience was very receptive to them in this packed venue. After the show I ran into the drummer who was walking around enjoying the Life Of Agony set and having some pasta salad. He told me others in the venue had seen him and wondered where he managed to get that, and he replied “Oh it’s from catering”. They returned “there’s catering!!!?” for they did not immediately realize he was one of the nights performers. It was amusing to hear this little story, as it makes the night more interesting. I last saw AHC with Otep and feel this is a better gig for them as they will reach a larger audience quicker. Especially since Mudvayne has a new release and is getting geared up for Ozzfest.

When Life of Agony performed, the audience was very into it. I expected this of course since the band is from nearby Brooklyn and also had a Legion of followers here in the States. It is nice to see them playing again especially since they reunited 2 short years ago. Keith Caputo is a great front man and has a good presence that kept the audience in his grasp all thru the set. Drummer Sal Abruscato pounded away on his drums while the guitar wizardry of Joey Z. and bassist Rob Alexander placed it all together. I must make note that Keith had a 101 fever that night and he mentioned to the audience that with them playing last at Roseland ten years ago that he felt they could not miss the show.

After a short break Mudvayne hit the stage and the room was in frenzy. While I have not really followed this group’s career I admit that they were quite good in a live setting and clearly in command of the audience. It was clear that the security up between the stage and photo pit had their hands full with all the consistent surfers who made their way up over the crowd. As I was in the photo pit to cover the show and also shoot it I found it cool to see the ravenous smiles of people who were that elated that Mudvayne was in control now of the room. It seemed to me that this show was sold out by the time that they took the stage. The set list is not in order but contained these among many other songs: “Dig”, “Fall Into Sleep”, “Nothing To Gein”, “Death Blooms”, “Happy”, “Fucking Determined”, “Not Falling”, “Negative One”, Silenced, World so cold, Mercy severity, IMN, -1, Internal Primates forever. Mudvayne’s vocalist Chad Gray crept about the stage and the audience was hanging on his every word. Greg Tribbett was employing his stylish abilities on the guitar while the funk filled poundings of bassist Ryan Martinie held down the powerful drumming of Matthew McDonough. I was not able to get a clear shot of him playing though.

When the show was done Mudvayne would do something very cool. As soon as the show was done they headed over to the Virgin Megastore to sign copies of their new CD that had come out that day. Fans were able to get pictures taken with the band as well. I give a band credit when they are willing to do that right after a show.

This review does not come without some sad news for just one week after I saw them perform as openers for Mudvayne, American Head Charge lost their guitarist Bryan Ottson. The cause of Bryan’s death was not made public to the press at the time of this post. On behalf of the Piercing Metal Staff and myself we wish his family and friends our deepest condolences on this tragic loss.

Mudvayne Set List:
1. Determined
2. Silenced
3. -1
4. Death Blooms
5. IMN
6. Happy?
7. Nothing To Gein
8. Fall Into Sleep
9. Internal Primates Forever
10. Mercy, Severity
11. World So Cold
12. Not Falling
13. Dig

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