“Monster” (Single) by Starset

Artist: Starset
Title: “Monster” (Single)
Label: Razor and Tie
Release Date: 11/4/2016
Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 4/5

Though I have heard the band’s name for a couple of years now, I was always either missing their set or not getting around to listening to the music that friends were suggesting that I check out and with their recent NY Comic Con related appearance I knew that it was time to SETI my scanners on what these Interstellar explorers were all about. Just the other day we got the links to listen to a preview single from their forthcoming album called “Monster” and here are my thoughts about the track.

Coming into a band blank is sometimes very interesting and I was doing that with Starset as the very atmospheric tune began to play out. Starting out slow with the almost cool and collective vocal line the song gets “bigger” quickly with a resounding chorus and instrumentation. I guess that you can say it’s got a whole lot of synth/electronica vibe to the tune that calls to mind early Linkin Park and I am fine with that since that stuff worked on numerous levels. There is a whole other worldly groove going on with Starset and I should finally mention that they all perform in spacesuits and helmets if you didn’t know that already. I played the song a few times before jotting down notes and by the second listen I was moving my head in unison with the overall groove and felt that I was sold. I loved the tune and really want to see them now to catch up to all the rest. You should mark down the coordinates as well for good measure.

You’ll have to wait until sometime in January to get the new full album and then again so will I but if this tune is a sign from the galaxy of what is heading our way let’s prepare a proper welcome committee for these musical travelers. See you at Area 51. Watch out for the Men in Black.

Track Listing:
1. Starset

Official Website: http://www.starsetonline.com

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