“Mindcrime At The Moore” by Queensryche

Artist: Queensryche
Title: “Mindcrime At The Moore”
Label: Rhino Entertainment
Release Date: 7/3/2007
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 4/5

Before we begin, I need to ask the readers if there is really any need to waste valuable time debating about Queensryche’s absolute dominance over the Progressive Metal world and their ability to create music that would withstand the tests of time. I didn’t think so because when they first appeared on the scene they proved to many hardcore Metal heads that they far from your run of the mill act and instead something spectacular. Without question their signature release became the legendary “Operation: Mindcrime” and while this album is closing in on twenty years since it was released it still has held up and remains one of the most pivotal works in Heavy Metal music history. In 2006 they would offer up a sequel that brings us up to speed on the characters introduced on the first chapter and while this received mixed praise it was clearly an album that showed the world that Queensryche was as vital as ever and able to craft a tale that would always envelop the listener. “Mindcrime II” would make sure to answer some, but not all of the questions the fans were left with after “Mindcrime I”. The tour in 2006 found the band performing both albums from start to finish and the release “Mindcrime At The Moore” brings this right to you should you have not attended for any particular reason.

The concert itself was a stunning experience and one that needed to be witnessed more than just having CD’s to listen to and that makes the also released DVD the must have addition to your music collection. The CD only version of this will impress you but the main highlight for many will be the first act performance of “Operation: Mindcrime”. It’s just too legendary an album and brings everyone to their feet even if they are home to this very day. CD2 presents Act II or the full performance of “Mindcrime II” and while I was originally hesitant about the studio version I can tell you how much I enjoyed this release in the live sense. It came off much better to me in this fashion and had added levels of drama to its sound. The concert finds Pamela Moore returning as Sister Mary and while Ronnie James Dio’s voice can be heard he does not partake in the Moore Theatre performance. There is also the presence of a marching band for portions of the show to add just a little extra fullness. Overall it works and the band is as tight as a drum and all of it is presented very well on the recording. There are photos and some comments on the enclosed booklet but the CD only issue is more for the hard core must have everything fan. I was able to catch this tour when it came through New York City and I loved it – this made me very excited to find the band planning to release both this CD and the DVD film of the entire performance.

Track Listing CD1/CD2:
1. I Remember Now
2. Anarchy-X
3. Revolution Calling
4. Operation: Mindcrime
5. Speak
6. Spreading The Disease
7. The Mission
8. Suite Sister Mary
9. The Needle Lies
10. Electric Requiem
11. Breaking The Silence
12. I Don’t Believe In Love
13. Waiting For 22
14. My Empty Room
15. Eyes Of A Stranger
16. Freiheit Ouverture
17. Convict
18. I’m American
19. One Foot In Hell
20. Hostage
21. The Hands
22. Speed Of Light
23. Signs Say Go
24. Re-Arrange You
25. The Chase
26. Murderer?
27. Circles
28. If I Could Change It All
29. An Intentional Confrontation
30. A Junkie’s Blues
31. Fear City Slide
32. All The Promises
33. Walk In The Shadows – encore
34. Jet City Woman – encore

Official Website: www.queenryche.com

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