Metallica TV Presents: “Hardwired” (Official Video)

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The mighty Metallica were back and I am not just being grandiose with my statement because the tune that was recently released from their forthcoming album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” is a fast-paced and furious number that proves the band is on top of their game. The guys have also released the very first video from the album for this track so feast your eyes on “Hardwired” which was directed by Colin Hakes and the band.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I’ve already scoped out the song in a quick narrative that you can read HERE, I will keep my thoughts to the first video clip. There is not really much to “see” here as the film catches the band in action in a very dark setting. It actually makes me feel like I am watching them in a small club and the house lights are shooting on them very erratically in time with the number. You can feel the energy in the clip however and its enough to make you want to jump into the circle pit. Nice work Metallica and Colin. Hopefully we will get some more clips if the band unveils any additional tracks. “Hardwired….To Self-Destruct” hits the streets on November 18th.

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