Metallica Announces “72 Seasons” Global Premiere Events

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The Press Release:
Join the Metallica Family on Thursday, April 13, for the worldwide listening party celebrating the release of 72 Seasons with the global premiere of the album at over 2,100 movie theaters! Tickets for the one-night event are on sale now at

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72 Seasons will play exclusively for cinema audiences around the globe, with every one of the new songs featuring its own music video along with witty, insightful (?!) commentary from us. Some fans will experience the music in Dolby Atmos®, a totally next-level audio experience that will immerse listeners with unparalleled clarity and depth. Check or contact your local theater to see if your event will be in Dolby Atmos® audio.

As a refresher, to bring us all together, we’ve joined forces with Trafalgar Releasing for the second time following 2019’s S&M2 theatrical release. Trafalgar partners with thousands of theaters in 132 countries worldwide, so hopefully, there’s one right in your neighborhood.

If you’re planning to join us in theaters, make sure to order your official 72 Seasons Listening Party T-Shirt created exclusively for this global event!

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: So while we are of course super stoked about a brand-new Metallica album, because how could we not be as a card-carrying provider of Metal and Pop Culture entertainment, we shall likely be passing on this special event based on the workaday schedule. I’ll be listing this event on the Regional Calendar for good measure and do one of those reminder posts on the day of and hope that the fans who manage to attend in their own locality have an absolute blast. Wrapping this one up I wonder what you all think about this news? I am sure that the Metallica related posts are going to keep me busy but hey that’s a fun busy and surely stuff that helps reach even more of you on Google. Never a bad thing when you are running a website. OK, chime in down below if you’ve something else to add to the mix. See you next time and please keep safe out there. Ciao.


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