Merging “PiercingMetal Musings” Into “The All-New”

Ladies and gentlemen today I am saying goodbye to “PiercingMetal Musings”, a presence that has served our readers well as “The Official Blog” for for just over seven years at the time of this writing. I see that you look a little sad at that announcement but let me tell you why you should only be smiling at that little bit of news.

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I’m about a month into the redevelopment of my site and since I am now using WordPress to deliver all of the content that you have come to this dotcom to enjoy, there was no longer a need for a side presence to the brand name that used this same software. When I first installed WordPress and created the “PiercingMetal Musings” Blog it was to expand my creative voice outside of the context of objective reviews. It worked very well but as we steadily approach the websites tenth year online it was time to make a change. Over the last few weeks I have been importing all of the posts that you’ve enjoyed for the past seven years and have appended their categories to fit nicely into the new framework.

Some of the more visible changes come via my “When The Music Died” and “Movie and TV Mania” categories. The topics written for those particular categories remain online but the top levels have been renamed to “In Memoriam” and “On Screen” respectively. I dropped my “Heavy Metal Holy S**t” and “Around The Metal Republic” categories and put all those stories into my “Heavy Metal Happenings” grouping for the time being. Once I get a little further along I will examine that stuff a bit more and see which category works out best for the particular story. I’m going to create an Editorial category where I speak on any number of items and call that one “PiercingMetal Says” to keep it simple. In time there might be other categories added but I would rather keep this whole thing streamlined as much as possible. The sites popular Events Calendar is still there and using the same “Web Calendar” software that it has since 2005. In time perhaps that will be more integrated into WordPress but I need to see what is available to be used for this item before moving forward on it.

In the big picture, I think that it’s great to have all of the content in one place now and I find it a little easier to direct you to the Contests or the Reviews or any of our number of Special Feature focuses. As I’ve already mentioned, all of the original websites legacy site content can be read via a menu option and while this is a no frills means of presenting the article, it will only be a temporary way of doing things while those articles get imported piece by piece into the new format. As a matter of fact, at the time of this posting I have already integrated more than 100 of our legacy reviews into WordPress so they are no longer in the repository. If you are just joining us here on the outlet and missed the post about the Redevelopment of PiercingMetal into WordPress, please click THIS LINK to learn more about it.

Thanks for the patronage and visits here as always, I look forward to keeping you entertained. Onward and upward we climb. Be sure to follow the adventures care of our social networks which have been placed below for your convenience.

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