Meet The “Housewives From Another World”

Film Title: “Housewives From Another World”
Studio: Infinity Resources Inc.
Release Date: (DVD) 4/10/2010
Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy, Intrigue, Erotic Comedy
Review Rating: 3/5

“Housewives From Another World” takes the premise of “Desperate Housewives”, blends it in with a little bit of international intrigue and tosses in a healthy dose of “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers” and well, if this is not clear enough then you have to read a little deeper into our commentary.

Our story begins with a couple in the throes of passion and we soon realize that they are not actually married and yet are involved in a little adulterous tryst that is quickly discovered by the man’s wife. After storming out of the house to escape her husband’s lame excuses, the wife (played by Heather Vandeven) comes upon the remains of a recently crashed meteorite, and takes a trinket from the ground where it landed. The artifact seems to be “alive” in some sense and it quickly takes possession of her body. Now wandering the Earth in a new body, the alien possessed wife goes inside to “make up” with her husband. As the story progresses we learn that Karen’s husband is actually involved in some kind of experiment that will put the aliens race in jeopardy and their arrival was to hopefully stop the further development of this project. We also find Karen using additional meteor trinkets to have the rest of her crew possess the other female characters in the film. Joining the cause so to speak are the adulterous neighbor who was caught at the film’s opening and is played by the voluptuous Rebecca Love and eventually the beautiful Christine Nguyen who was working as a spy to get the plans that Karen’s husband was working on. The spy angle is that intrigue and taste of “24” that I mentioned briefly in the introduction. It seems as though a mysterious foreign government wants these plans as well for their own insidious purposes. Heather seems to get the most screen time and my guess is that her status of Penthouse Pet Of The Year for 2007 kind of firmed her up for that, and fans of the charming Miss Nguyen do not need to fear, we do see her assets eventually. Having seen a few of these Infinity Films in the past for the purpose of review, I felt that the premise for this one was nothing more than “cute” as opposed to it being a story that one could actually get a little bit more out of. Remember that these are often relegated to your Cinemax channels or late night viewing and while you don’t often see more than bare breasts and bottoms and simulated intercourse, there is nothing hard core about the films but I don’t recommend them for the younger viewing audience. The acting could have been a little better in this one and I felt that some of the talent was dare I say….stiff, in their roles. I greatly enjoyed “Super Ninja Doll” and “Tarzeena” so felt that in comparison to those two that this film was more of a let down than its peers. Unlike its fellow films there are not real costume changes or elaborate sets, its just an office and a house and that’s about it. Perhaps there was not too much of a budget with this particular script.

The question remains as to whether or not these aliens achieve their goal and stop the scientists from doing their thing and we don’t plan on telling you how it all works out. Maybe they arrive just in the nick of time or maybe it happens too late and their planet is destroyed forcing them to remain on earth and possess body after body after body. You will just have to order your copy via or rent it on Netflix to find out what the end result was. Despite my reservations on the storyline, I can safely say that Heather is stunning, and Christine has not lost an ounce of my admiration from this one. I can also say that both girls can act rather well and it might be nice to see them trying their craft outside of these kind of films.

Karen – Heather Vandeven
Carla – Christine Nguyen
Rita – Rebecca Love
Max – Frankie Cullen
Tom – Tony Marino
Mr. Roberts – Ted Newsom
Mystery Man – Ed Ford

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