McDonald’s Brings “The Peanuts Movie” To Their Happy Meal Patrons

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Having grown up on the classic “Peanuts” comic strip and the assorted wonderful animated specials over the years I was happy to see the fast food chain McDonald’s offering up a collection of figures based on the new “The Peanuts Movie”. Based on the poster below you can see that there are twelve of these figures in all and with my recently submitting the paperwork for the 2016 Toy Fair I have nothing but fun on my mind at the time. For those keeping a healthy mind and diet, they should know that the Happy Meal is not all that compromising to the diet every once in awhile and they now let you swap apple slices and a yogurt for a dessert and a juice instead of soda. As long as you keep a solid regimen of activity the little burger and fries you get with this package will not ruin your waistline. Just keep moving and I’m saying it like this since I see no less than five of these figurines that I want to have as decoration on my media command station. Charlie Brown is nothing less than classic to me and these are gender crossing items as well which means both boys and girls can enjoy them. Given the nature of the collecting public and this sort of thing being offered you readers might very well find me discussing future promotions like this to offer up in our Toy related topics. Which ones are striking your fancy from the poster below?

Photo - McDonalds - Peanuts Movie - 2015

As you can see below I’ve already scarfed down a couple of these meals to try and get the figures that I had interest in but at the time of my dropping into the nearby restaurant they only had these two in the stock. I sure hope I can still get the Charlie Brown or the Snoopy on his Sopwith Camel since those are the most interesting to me. I think this kind of collectible also crosses a number of generations since the “Peanuts” characters are so timeless. You might recall some awesome figurines that were observed at the 2015 Toy Fair by Schleich and if you didn’t you are sure going to love those since they were actually little scenarios from the cartoons we know so well. Good job on this one McDonald’s and like I said before, I’ll be tossing in the occasional posting like this to go along with our Toybox angle and to inspire the collecting masses.

Photo - McDonalds - Peanuts Happy Meal

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