Max Portnoy Forms New Band Tallah Featuring YouTube Sensation Justin Bonitz

Fans of drummer Max Portnoy and YouTube sensation Justin Bonitz will be excited about the pairs new musical collaboration known as TALLAH. The news began circulating yesterday and I’ve shared the full press release with you below to enjoy. Dig in.

The Press Release:
Pennsylvania metal band Tallah is comprised of 5 members who share a passion for playing intense, heavy, and intricate music combined with an insane live show, unlike any other!

Influenced by bands such as Code Orange, Slipknot, Korn and Deftones, Tallah relies on the spirit of innovative metal realized through panicked guitar screams treated with industrial elements and distortion. Screaming vocals provided by YouTube sensation Justin Bonitz mixed with melodic choruses create a dreamlike vision in which the audience can live. Driving bass fills the room with deep and dirty tones that sync effortlessly with the thunderous bellows of the drums.

The energy they emit onstage challenges you to stay put and thrash about! The band recently played two shows on the Schecter Guitar stage at NAMM 2018 and are currently booking shows in the US and internationally.

Tallah is: Justin Bonitz (Vocal), Max Portnoy (Drums), Derrick Schneider (Guitar), Andrew Cooper (Bass), AJ Wisniewski (Guitar)

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve been a fan of Max’s drumming for a couple of years now and find him to be an exemplary player in both the visual and technical sense. I’ve seen his Next 2 None band a handful of times and with the new group being formed, one has to wonder if N2N has been shelved for the duration. I did notice that the lineup of Tallah consists of one member from N2N with Derrick delivering some guitar. I’m in the dark about the YouTube personality of Justin and judging by the video clip that I’ve included in this narrative can only assume that the fans are going to be in for one strange ride into the heavy music they deliver. If I can make a quick assessment of their sound I will say that I picked up a tad bit of Rage Against The Machine with some of the vocal play going on and perhaps even some Korn which they cite as being a major influence. That’s all I will say since we are dealing with a very short introduction clip. Considering his level of Prog-Metal skill, I hope that Max keeps that in play and that it works well with the groove of the new group. I’ll see them live in concert for sure and wish them all the very best of success in this new endeavor. Bring it on gentlemen. What do you readers think about the new band, the sound and the overall first impression? Chime in down below because you know you wanna.

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