Max & Iggor Cavalera Announce Second Leg of “Return Beneath Arise” Tour

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The Press Release:
Celebrate with original founding members of influential heavy metal legends and RIAA Gold-Certified Sepultura. Max & Iggor Cavalera will perform a hybrid setlist exclusively of cuts from these two iconic albums Beneath the Remains and Arise. This second leg of the tour runs throughout the United States in September and October.

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Max declares “Attention Headbangers! We are bringing you Return Beneath Arise for the last time in the U.S. Twice as hard and brutal! Get your Battlevest ready! This is gonna be KILLER!”

Iggor adds “Looking forward to be hitting the US with Return Beneath Arise tour. Can’t wait to share the stage with Max, Dan Gonzales and Mike Leon. See you all in the pit!”

Since Sepultura’s formation over 30 years ago, the Cavalera brothers have each seen unparalleled success in the music industry. Max’s more recent work with Soulfly, Go Ahead And Die, Cavalera Conspiracy (also featuring Iggor) and Killer Be Killed, in addition to Iggor’s
projects MIXHELL, Petbrick, and Soulwax, proves the lasting power of the Cavalera legacy.

It’s safe to say that the releases of Beneath The Remains (1989) and Arise (1991) completely changed the landscape of metal music throughout the world.

The Tour Dates:
Sep. 28 – Pomona, Calif. @ The Glass House Concert Hall
Sep. 29 – Ventura, Calif. @ Ventura Theater
Sep. 30 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ House of Blues
Oct. 02 – Denver, Colo. @ Summit Music Hall
Oct. 04 – Des Moines, Iowa @ Wooly’s
Oct. 05 – Minneapolis, Minn. @ Varsity Theater
Oct. 06 – Milwaukee, Wis. @ The Rave Ii
Oct. 08 – Lawrence, Kansas @ Granada Theater
Oct. 09 – Chicago, Ill. @ Concord Music Hall
Oct. 11 – Montclair, N.J. @ The Wellmont Theater
Oct. 12 – Huntington, N.Y. @ The Paramount
Oct. 13 – Syracuse, N.Y. @ Westcott Theater
Oct. 14 – Reading, Pa. @ Reverb
Oct. 15 – Baltimore, Md. @ Soundstage
Oct. 16 – Norfolk, Va. @ The Norva
Oct. 17 – Asheville, N.C. @ The Orange Peel
Oct. 19 – Charlotte, N.C. @ The Underground
Oct. 20 – Orlando, Fla. @ Beacham Theater
Oct. 21 – Tampa, Fla. @ The Orpheum
Oct. 22 – Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. @ Culture Room
Oct. 25 – Tulsa, Okla. @ The Vanguard
Oct. 27 – Albuquerque, N.M. @ Sunshine Theater
Oct. 28 – Tucson, Ariz. @ The Rialto Theatre
Oct. 29 – Santa Ana, Calif. @ The Observatory

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Max and Iggor by Jim Louvau

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: So I think I mentioned this in my original post about the first leg of the tour. When Sepultura first came onto the scene I wasn’t all that into it. At that point in my own musical upbringing I preferred the Power Metal stuff and was very selective about the more thrashier kind of Metal. It took me some time to appreciate Metallica (second album though) but Anthrax I seemed to enjoy right out of the gate. I’ll age myself here and say that all of this stuff was new to everyone’s ears and I’m glad I went in this direction as opposed to any other kind of music. Fast forwarding to now, I have seen the no-longer new incarnation of Sepultura and have witnessed Soulfly more times than I can count along with the Cavalera Conspiracy a couple of time. This pairing and this selected material is a must-see experience for all Metalheads because it is a throttling stuff and will have you talking about it for many months to come. I witnessed this tour back in May in NYC and it was like being inside of a hurricane as the originators brought these classics to the live stage together once again. I’ll wrap this up now and ask what you out there in the readership think about the news and if you will be planning on attending one of the shows on this second leg. You can do that down in the comments section below and I will see you next time. Please stay safe out there.


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