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Marvel Teases That “The Marvel Universe Is Destroyed”

Earlier today the fine folks at the House Of Ideas began to tease about the terrible notion that “The Marvel Universe Is Destroyed” and there was NOTHING else to observe but these rather cryptic broadcast posters. They all arrived in my e-mail over the course of a few hours and in the interest of time and plenty of other posts to map out, I’ve placed them all here in one for you to examine.

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Marvel Announcement - Marvel History Destroyed -

Marvel Announcement - Marvel History Destroyed -

Marvel Announcement - Marvel History Destroyed -

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So offhand I have no idea what all this means but I am guessing its going to involve a pretty powerful character and most likely a very infamous supervillain to boot. I can see this being some kind of machination by Doctor Doom, or Mephisto, or maybe even someone more cosmic level like The Beyonder. Now that’s a villain I’d love to see brought to life on the big screen but who knows if Mr. Feige has that in mind at all. As expected I will be keeping tabs on this alarming news as soon as I hear more. Feel free to find your inner conspiracy theorist and chime in down below with what you think might be the case. See you next time.

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