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Marvel Studio’s “Moon Knight” Official Trailer

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The folks at Marvel Studios just keep on delivering with the Disney+ shows and I am pretty excited to have Moon Knight being one of the latest to be featured. Let’s take a look at the recently released trailer.

The Premise: Marc Spector, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, is drawn into a deadly war of gods with his multiple identities.

The Cast/Characters:
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Moon Knight
May Calamawy as undisclosed role
Ethan Hawke as undisclosed role

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: So I guess you already know that I am enjoying the Disney+ original series that feature the Marvel Comics heroes and while some are a little tricky to follow, each and every series is just expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having the shows eliminates the need for every character to have a feature film and these seem to be produced a lot faster. Now I’ve been a fan of Moon Knight for quite a few years and have a number of the back issues in my collection. The older readers might recall that he first appeared in the pages of “Werewolf By Night” and that might be who is getting the beating at the tail end of the trailer. I’ll be following along with this one for sure and keep the readership in the loop on any trailers and poster reveals since those are so much fun to deliver. Chime in down below with what you thought about this and I will see you next time. Stay safe out there.

Official Series Wiki:

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