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“MARVEL LEGACY” Ushers In Free Marvel “Previews” For Retailers and Fans

The Press Release:
New York, NY-June 28, 2017-It’s coming: the event that will change the Marvel Universe! And that change starts where it all began – your local comic shop. After an overwhelming response to this program, which begins today with our September Previews, Marvel is proud to announce that it will be offering FREE copies of its MARVEL PREVIEWS CATALOG. This is a unique endeavor that Marvel is proud to initiate, providing participating retailers with the best way to sell comics and providing fans with the best way to know what’s coming up!

Beginning this fall, Marvel Legacy will unveil its biggest stories and most epic characters, while returning long-running titles to their classic legacy numbering. Within the pages of this catalog, fans will be able to see all of the month’s title releases, including variants, solicits, trade paperbacks, merchandise, and more. Marvel is pleased to work with local comic shops to provide all fans with an exciting preview to the entry point of this exciting new world!

The future of the Marvel Universe is here, and in your hands. Be sure to pick up your free copy of Marvel’s September Previews today, and be on the lookout for Marvel’s October Previews catalog, available July 26 at participating comic shops!

Did we mention it’s FREE?

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t have much to add here since this is more of a commercial break to the normal proceedings. Considering that we do always snag a copy of the Previews Guide when its seen at our local comic book shop, I can highly recommend that you do the same if you plan on keeping up with the whole Marvel Legacy initiative. As you know, any first issues that get launched will be discussed in our regular monthly solicitations posts so keep an eye on that section and always remember to keep supporting your retailer by purchasing new issues and collector supplies. Until next time.

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