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Marvel Legacy Announces “1960’s T-Shirt” Variant Covers!

This news arrived yesterday and as I’ve said, I’m going to keep on sharing the variant covers as they get shared with us. We’ve been doing so much to support the comic book collector side of the fence and feel that this really helps out during the weekly shopping. Take a look at the press and procured images. I’ll close out later on as usual

The Press Release:
Continuing its celebration of the vast and expansive history of the Marvel Universe, Marvel is excited to announce the release of 1960’s T-SHIRT VARIANT COVERS for select Legacy titles this fall. A blast from Marvel’s past, these images feature your favorite heroes as they appeared in original 1960’s art from Marvel legends Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. Don’t miss your chance to own these special t-shirt variant covers for the following titles! As these will have limited quantities available, be sure to check with your local comic shop retailer to secure your copy!


marvel comics, comic book covers
“Amazing Spider-Man” #789 (1960’s T-Shirt Variant)

2. AVENGERS #672

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Avengers” #672 (1960’s T-Shirt Variant)



marvel comics, comic book covers
“Invincible Iron Man” #593 (1960’s T-Shirt Variant)


marvel comics, comic book covers
“Mighty Thor” #700 (1960’s T-Shirt Variant)

6. X-MEN: BLUE #13

marvel comics, comic book covers
“X-Men: Blue” #13 (1960’s T-Shirt Variant)


marvel comics, comic book covers
“Daredevil” #595 (1960’s T-Shirt Variant)


marvel comics, comic book covers
“Marvel Two-In-One” #1 (1960’s T-Shirt Variant)


marvel comics, comic book covers
“Doctor Strange” #381 (1960’s T-Shirt Variant)

“MAKE MINE MARVEL” this fall, with these exclusive 1960’s T-SHIRT VARIANT COVERS!

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t usually say anything about the variant covers other than “these are cool” or otherwise but with these I really can say that I think I would rather have a stockpile of 1960’s era character shirts. These designs would look fantastic on a grey or black shirt. I’m not wearing white unless its summertime of course. They look boss though don’t they and you know you collectors of the variants need copies of these. Since they didn’t mention a timeframe other than “this Fall”, you best hit your retailer up during your next visit to pick up books and see what they can find in the Previews guide. Let me know what you think of these down in the comments below and I will see you again soon.

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