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Marvel Comics Reveals “Mary Jane Watson” Variant Covers For June 2017

You know her you love her, she is Mary Jane Watson and she has been a part of the Spider-Man Universe for more years than I can remember. This item shares the news about the latest batch of variant covers coming from Marvel Comics because across the month of June, numerous titles will have Mary Jane Watson variants. This set of variants will go together well with the collection of “Gwen Stacy” covers that we discussed almost two years ago on THIS POST. Did you get all of those? Check out the press release along with a number of these awesome covers.

The Press Release:
One of Marvel’s most beloved heroes takes center stage next month – and you’re not going to want to miss it. Fans have already gotten a glimpse of Mary Jane Watson in the Free Comic Book Day issue of Marvel’s upcoming series, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1, and Marvel has enlisted some of comics’ most acclaimed artists to reimagine the fan-favorite in the shoes of iconic heroes such as Doctor Strange, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine and more.

“Both the Gwen Stacy Variant Program and this month’s Venomized Variant Program were such runaway successes, we couldn’t help but try to top ourselves,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “And with Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert’s new Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man book on the horizon, the timing couldn’t have been better to put the spotlight on fan-favorite Mary Jane Watson.”

Today, Marvel is pleased to reveal a number of the MARY JANE WATSON VARIANTS coming exclusively to comic shops throughout the month of June:


“All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy” #3 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

2. ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #21 by David Lopez

“All-New Wolverine” #21 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

3. AVENGERS #8 by Mike Allred

“Avengers” #8 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

4. BLACK BOLT #2 by Ryan Stegman

“Black Bolt” #2 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)


“Captain America Steve Rogers” #18 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

6. CHAMPIONS #9 by Helen Chen

“Champions” #9 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

7. DAREDEVIL #21 by Humberto Ramos

“Daredevil” #21 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

8. DEADPOOL #32 by Elizabeth Torque

“Deadpool” #32 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

9. DOCTOR STRANGE #22 by Francisco Herrera

“Doctor Strange” #22 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

10. GWENPOOL, THE UNBELIEVABLE #17 by David Nakayama

“Gwenpool The Unbelievable” #17 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

11. HULK #7 by Rahzzah

“Hulk” #7 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

12. I AM GROOT #2 by Julian Totino Tedesco

“I Am Groot” #2 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

13. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #8 by Marco Checchetto

“Invincible Iron Man” #8 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

14. IRON FIST #4 by Stephanie Hans

“Iron Fist” #4 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

15. MIGHTY THOR #20 by Patrick Brown

16. SECRET WARRIORS #3 by Javier Rodriguez

“Secret Warriors” #3 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

17. SPIDER-GWEN #21 by Kevin Wada

“Spider-Gwen” #21 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

18. THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #6 by Chris Samnee

“Mighty Captain Marvel” #6 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

19. THE PUNISHER #13 by Dave Williams

“Punisher” #13 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

20. VENOM #151 by Francesco Mattina

“Venom” #151 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

21. X-MEN BLUE #5 by TBD

22. X-MEN GOLD #5 by Anthony Piper

“X-Men” #5 (Mary Jane Watson Variant)

Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on these covers throughout the month of June!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: What’s there to say besides “Face It Comic Book Readers, You Just Hit The Jackpot!” which is a play on the very first line we “heard” from Mary Jane Watson when she made her first appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man so many years ago. Now I’ve already said how I’m not the biggest variant cover edition collector since I am already plunking down a little too much cash of late but I will admit that there are a few of these that I really love. What about you my friends? What do you think of this variant cover group and which ones are you going to ask your local comic book shop to put aside for you when they come out? Let me know in the comments section below.

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