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Marvel Comics’ “Fantastic Four” #645 – “The End” Is Here

I can hardly believe that I am penning these words to you (uhm, typing them I mean since we are an online resource of course), but after over 50 years of publication, Marvel Comics is cancelling the “Fantastic Four” comic book at issue #645. Check out the cover and some description below.

"Fantastic Four" #645
“Fantastic Four” #645

THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL FANTASTIC FOUR STORY CONCLUDES IN AN EXTRA-SIZED SPECIAL! Will the Fantastic Four defeat The Quiet Man and the corrupted forces of the Heroes Reborn universe? Will the Johnny get his powers back? Will Reed and Sue be a family again? Will this be the end or will this be 4ever?

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Now I realize that I have already mentioned this a few days ago based on needing to share the additional covers that would be featured on this particular issue but the cancellation of such a title is forcing me to expand upon that post right here and offer more personal insights and reflection. This was shocking news to me since I was a “Fantastic Four” reader for many years and have a few hundred issues of the series in my collection somewhere. It was really great stuff with a lot of fascinating characters. I was too young to fully appreciate the earliest tales unless they were in a trade paperback edition but the works of Lee and Kirby were awesome for sure. Some of my favorite tales also came care of John Byrne and I loved Galactus, The Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom and even Impossible Man as far as their interactions. The title was the launching point for many iconic characters of course and I am speaking of The Watcher, The Inhumans, Black Panther and so many others. Most of our readers know that the team is not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we get to enjoy with films like “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Avengers” etcetera which is because the rights are owned by 20th Century Fox. The studio is releasing a third “Fantastic Four” film in August sometime and based on posts that know what is going on in the film I am a little scared. Too many drastic canon changes and that is just foolish. There was even a rumor that the series cancellation was based on Marvel higher ups being pissed about the translation of the franchise in the upcoming film. It was later denied but who knows, it wouldn’t surprise me and if Fox screws this one up they should just get rid of the rights and let Marvel Studios deliver a fun film with these great characters. With this news being the topic of my day I think I will watch the 2005 “Fantastic Four” film and head to the comic book store to grab a copy of the final issue before it sells out. What do you readers think about the series cancellation news? Were you reading the “Fantastic Four” recently or had done so in the past? Let me know your thoughts about it all in the comments.

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Check out a few of the classic collected editions that are linked below. Its great stuff.

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