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Marvel Comics Announces The Return Of “The Fantastic Four”

The Press Release:
As revealed by Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski in an official video from Marvel, FANTASTIC FOUR will return this summer in an all-new monthly series, written by Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer) with art by Sara Pichelli (Spider-Man: Miles Morales).

“I started my adventures in the Marvel Universe with a freaked-out Reed Richards, the Watcher and the Silver Surfer,” Slott told The New York Times in an interview. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“We’ve been waiting for the right creators to come available for this book,” Cebulski revealed during Marvel’s official announcement. “Fantastic Four is not an easy team to draw – The Thing is the big orange rock guy, Reed can move in all kinds of directions, Johnny is on fire when he flames on, and Sue, when she is invisible or not, you still have to make her presence felt in each panel — and Sara can just do that like nobody else.”

For more information about FANTASTIC FOUR, check out and be sure to stay tuned for more news throughout the week on This Week in Marvel, Women of Marvel and Earth’s Mightiest Show

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: It was brief and to the point but honestly who needs much more when it is news such as this. I’m very happy to find the first family returning to Marvels line of titles because there was a time in my life as a fan of the medium that I felt it was one of the best reads on the stands. When the title was cancelled back in 2015, the sales on the title were down and the interest was waning based on the advance reports and clips from the “Fant4stic” film that was being released. Needless to say that movie was new levels of dreadful and if you wonder how bad, well, it made “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” seem like “Gone With The Wind”. I’m glad that the series is coming back and will be at the writing helm of Slott since he is a talented scribe who knows these characters quite well. I’m hopeful for great things and will be reserving a copy from my local comic book shop when it comes time to do that. Now that Disney owns the Fox Studios and has these characters back in their stable, we can hope for a proper, more to canon film being worked on. It’s going to take some time so let’s just plan on enjoying the series and the re-introduction of the Fantastic Four to the other Marvel titles that are currently on the shelf. What do you readers think of this news? Please chime in down in the comments below.

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