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Marvel Announces “X-Men & Moon Girl” One-Shot For August

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The Press Release:
The smartest person in the Marvel Universe is on the greatest mission yet and this August, she’ll need to call on mutantkind for backup! Continuing her series of one-shots that see Moon Girl battle alongside Miles Morales, the Avengers, and more, Moon Girl will take the fight to the High Evolutionary alongside the X-Men in the grand finale issue, X-MEN & MOON GIRL #1. Written by Mohale Mashigo with art by David Cutler, this latest adventure in Moon Girl’s adventure to save Devil Dinosaur will further cement Lunella’s place in the Marvel mythos and prove why her extraordinary intellect is unmatched! Together, the upcoming trio of one-shots will form a thrilling saga that will provide perfect entry points for readers eager to learn more about the young hero and gear fans up for her upcoming solo series!

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“X-Men & Moon Girl” #1

The High Evolutionary is a dino-napper! With Captain Marvel’s help, Lunella tracks him all the way to the Moon itself to get him back, and stop the High Evolutionary from setting an army of dino-clones loose. But even when they’re reunited, something’s wrong – her connection with DD has been broken. Now Moon Girl must team up with Wolverine and chase the High Evolutionary to Counter-Earth in search of answers… or risk losing her best friend for good.

“Writing Moon Girl is a dream come true,” Mashigo said. “Lunella is fun, quirky, smart and full of energy. I’ve enjoyed seeing her get out of her comfort zone and shine even brighter.”

Check out the cover below and pick up X-MEN & MOON GIRL #1 when it hits stands in August! And don’t miss the first of Moon Girl’s new adventures when MILES MORALES & MOON GIRL #1 arrives on June 22! For more information, visit

On Sale 8/24

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Having discussed this particular topic two times already there isn’t much more I can add to the mix about it. I am a little surprised that they are only doing three individual one-shots and think it might have been more fun to pair Lunella up with some other heroes as well but I am not involved in the Marketing meetings. I stand by my statement about purchasing a collected volume and do think she would rock a mini-series on Disney+ and with “Free Comic Book Day” officially around the corner, this is a good comic book to get those younger readers interested in the hobby for. You can then ask the local retailers to make sure they are getting them all and to place them aside for your own pull list. That’s all I have to say about it so please chime in down below if you have something topical to add to the mix. I will see you next time and please stay safe out there.


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