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Marvel Announces “Champions” Series For October

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The Press Release:
When the livelihoods of young Super Heroes are threatened, they will unite as Champions to prove that the world needs them more than ever. This October, acclaimed author and award-winning writer Eve L. Ewing (Ironheart) and artist Simone Di Meo (Immortal Hulk: The Best Defense) team up for a dramatic new era of Champions that will define Marvel’s most promising heroes for years to come.

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“Champions” #1 (Variant by Ron Lim)

After a terrible tragedy, Kamala’s Law is passed, forbidding anyone under the age of 21 from acting as vigilantes. Not going down without a fight, Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, Nova, and more will rise up to reclaim their destiny. With everything the Champions stand for in jeopardy, the stakes have never been higher.

Check out the daring team of heroes, ready to take on any obstacles that come their way, in Ron Lim’s variant cover below and pick up CHAMPIONS #1 at your local comic shop this October!

Variant Cover by RON LIM

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: We’re always up for a new and exciting series here at the Metal Media Command HQ and I’ve a long-standing fondness for the original “Champions” team that consisted of Hercules, Iceman, Angel and Ghost Rider. Who know, perhaps these young bloods will find a reunion of the classic team from the seventies. I’ll give it a shot because I like the team makeup from their own individual titles and as I close this announcement up I wonder what you think about it all. Please feel free to chime in down in the comments section. We shall see you next time.

Official Website:

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