“Mama Trash Family Artists – Volume II: In Trash We Trust” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Mama Trash Family Artists – Volume II: In Trash We Trust”
Label: Independent Release
Release Date: 10/31/2008
Genre: Hard Rock/Glam Rock
Rating: 3/5

The one and only Mama Trash is at it again and brings to the discerning Hard Rock and Metal fan her personal picks on “In Trash We Trust” aka “Mama Trash Family Artists Volume II”. The CD is her sophomore effort in delivering such a thing and based on the four additional tracks from the first release she has upped her game in her efforts of making the world at large aware of that many more bands. This kind of release appeals to me for the most part and really succeeds in making you curious enough about more than a handful of groups which you can then look deeper into on their respective MySpace or YouTube pages and hopefully find you purchasing their stuff in order to keep the band growing and able to do what they do best. The twenty one tracks present to the listener a full twenty one bands which makes this a lot to absorb and my best advice is to listen to each track in full, perhaps let the whole CD run it’s course and then return to those which you liked the best and move on deeper into the band from there. I had to say that I felt this time around there was a lot more what is labeled as your Industrial Gothic Metal, or at least Goth tasting drive with some heavy keyboards and apparent drum machines. There is also the pre-requisite dose of Trash Metal, or Sleaze Punk which is never a bad thing.

I’m not going to line out my thoughts on every single band but I will cite a few immediate favorites such as Deathstars, Neon Synthesis and Maryslim who each managed to catch my attention instantly and make me feel the need to look a little more into that which they are doing for music. We have a couple of covers on the release and the first comes courtesy of former Trashlight Vision front man Acey Slade. Slade does a version of The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” and while his voice is quite different from Ian Astbury he does a good job of it. The second comes with Dope Stars Inc. who deliver the Motorhead classic “Ace Of Spades” and without anything against the band this has long been one of those tunes that you just don’t try to do on your own on an album and only pray you do it justice in the live sense. Motorhead fans might enjoy it, but they are a touchy lot when it comes to renditions of their favorite bands. Other winners come care of Private Line, and Epsilon Zero but I did find myself losing a slight bit of interest when we got to Hellfire Society and Mortiis (but he never really appealed to me). I’m sure that some of you will disagree with my favorite aspects of this release as well as that which I didn’t find all that amusing and that is where an album like this brings a lot to the table. At worst you get to spend time a little more effectively by opening yourself up to bands you might not have heard about otherwise. MySpace and YouTube are awesome for experiencing new music but let’s be honest, there are a billion profiles and pages on each of these outlets now which makes finding cool stuff sometimes an arduous affair.

Similar to her debut release of this kind, the Mama Trash volume II CD is only available on her website so get them while their hot. This is not a major label release and comes out of her own pocket so when they are sold out, they are sold out. If you liked the first release then I am going to be firm in my belief that you will also like this one. I know that I did.

Track Listing:
1. Blank Junk World – Stereo Junks!
2. Cyanide – Deathstars
3. Everlasting – Amy’s Ashes
4. She Sells Sanctuary – Acey Slade
5. Crash City – Gemini Five
6. Close To Nothing – Maryslim
7. Ace Of Spades – Dope Stars Inc.
8. Nihil – Neon Synthesis
9. Forever – Defueld
10. Lullaby For Nicole – Iconcrash
11. One By One – Violent Divine
12. He’s A Whore – Private Line
13. How To Spell Heroin – Stoneman
14. Angel – Hellfire Society
15. The Ugly Truth – Mortiis
16. Shout It Out – Debbie Ray
17. I Felt Alive – Epsilon Zero
18. Star – New Generation Superstars
19. Black Love – Krister Orre
20. Take Your High – Sonic Roots
21. Death Strip In The Pole – Sexydeath

Official Website: http://www.mamatrash.com

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