“Louder Harder Faster” by Nuclear Assault

Artist: Nuclear Assault
Title: “Louder Harder Faster”
Label: Screaming Ferret Wreckords
Release Date: 10/10/2006
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 2/5

Formed in 1984 at the onset of the Thrash Metal movement Nuclear Assault was a brutal example of what the genre could do to the ears of the audience. Dan Lilker (originally a member of Anthrax), John Connolly, Glen Evans and Anthony Bramante always aimed to destroy on stage and while not everyone’s cup of tea developed a fan base for years to come and released revered Thrash epics such as “Survive” and “Handle with Care”. Unlike many of their peers who changed and modified their brand of sound over the years, Nuclear Assault never veered from the path and as a result remained high on the list of their most ardent supporters while at the same time losing some who might have grown out of the style they played. This DVD is the first ever for the band and while it includes what seems to be a kick ass set of material the release itself is nothing more than a disappointment. Shot during the “Louder, Harder, Faster” festival in 2005, this DVD of the same name is a terribly produced effort that uses minimal camera angles and a sub-par sound recording. Drums are too loud in the production while vocals and lead guitars are impossible to hear. Lilkers bass seems to cut through and perhaps this was the positioning of the mics while this was being done.

The lighting for the show (mostly reds) also takes away from this leaving me as a viewer very unsatisfied and impatient for the video to finish. Singer John Connolly repeats some inside joke about a white Nissan repeatedly and it just adds to the confusion on the piece when you can even discern what he is singing. This could have been something good but instead is a lackluster issue that comes off more as a bootleg than an official product. It’s a shame since this is Nuclear Assaults first such release. Granted there are probably budget restraints but I have seen better done with less and felt that someone dropped the ball in this one. For absolute, must have it all die-hard level fans as opposed to anyone else. Let’s hope future editions are done with a little more care.

Bonus Features: Archive live footage, studio sit-downs and some videos.

Song Listing:
1. Rise From The Ashes
2. Brainwash
3. F#
4. New Song
5. Critical Mass
6. Game Over/Butt Fuck
7. Sin
8. Price Of Freedom
9. Trail Of Tears

Official Web site: www.nuclearassault.us

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