“Lords Of Depravity” by Sodom

Artist: Sodom
Title: “Lords Of Depravity”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 2/21/2006
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 7.5/10

Sodom is old school Metal and it’s a title that the band holds proudly with horns raised to the air. For over 20 years the band has delivered traditional styled Thrash that falls along the lines of Slayer and Venom never switching style based on the times. This factor alone has made their hard core fan base all the more loyal and ravenous as the years go by. This double DVD from SPV Records is more than a healthy dose of what the band is about and what makes them special to their fans. The double DVD Set is broken up into two sections, with the first one being a 180 minute documentary on the group that features footage and commentary from members and associates. The years covered in this footage runs from 1982-1995 and according to some liner notes the band had wanted to release this earlier but were not able to until SPV was able to do it with this package. The documentary while very comprehensive visually and in its content is in the German language. There is an option to have English sub-titles and this will help out the die-hard in their enjoyment of it. Yet when you are faced with the need to read 180 minutes of copy and focus on it I feel that the casual fan or one who seeks to learn more about the group will find this annoying. If you understand German it has to be fantastic since a 180 minute history on any group is a great thing to get these days.

DVD2 features the group in concert filmed at several different Festivals. Among these massive Metal events is footage from Wacken Open Air (2001), Full Force Festival (2003), Rock Hard Festival (2003) and many more. The 22 tracks will more than serve the need for the hungry Sodom fan as the songs span most of their recorded work and are delivered with a level of brutality that is expected of Sodom in concert. The packaging of the whole thing was impressive as well as we find this in a slip cased fold-out case that provides a booklet for each of the DVD’s presented. The first is “History Of Depravity” and this is a great read since it is very comprehensive. In the booklets 30 pages we find rich liner notes and a lot of photos from the bands earliest years. Their albums are featured with tracks defined and some reviews of them over the years are provided for the reader. Reading this after the documentary makes it a little easier to enjoy despite the language barrier. A 16 page booklet accompanies the live concert DVD as well and this is mostly liner notes and commentary from Tom Angelripper. There are some photos but it is not as thorough as the other pamphlet. I’m always a fan of in-depth packaging and the more detail the more I am apt to appreciate it. I think Sodom fans will approve very much.

My only issue with the whole thing was the documentary being in German and my not being a study of the bands material. However, if you are a Sodom fan or you know one then this is a must-have DVD for the collection. The over three hours of live and historic footage will keep them interested over and over and when completed the thrash will be delivered.

Track Listing DVD2:
1. Among The Weirdcong
2. The Vice Of Killing
3. Outbreak Of Evil
4. Masquerade In Blood
5. The Saw Is The Law
6. Remember The Fallen
7. Die Stumme Ursel
8. M-16
9. Napalm In The Morning
10. Nuclear Winter
11. Tombstone
12. Sodomized
13. Eat Me!
14. Code Red
15. Aber Bitte Mit Sahne
16. Der Wachtturm
17. Agent Orange
18. Sodomy And Lust
19. Witching Metal
20. Ausgebombt
21. Ace Of Spades
22. Stalinhagel
23. Ausgebombt – video
24. Silence Is Consent – video
25. Die Stumme Ursel – video

Official Website: www.sodomized.info

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