Looking Around The Metallica “M72” Pop-Up Store in Brooklyn, NY

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The mighty Metallica was touring in support of their recently release album “72 Seasons” and their touring cycle was going to bring them to MetLife Stadium for two nights. Night One was just last evening and found both Mammoth WVH and Pantera supporting while the upcoming Sunday show would feature Ice Nine Kills and Five Finger Death Punch supporting. In honor of these dates, two special Pop-Up Stores were launched with one being in East Rutherford NJ near the stadium and the other in Downtown Brooklyn not too far from the Manhattan Bridge. I took a trip down to the Brooklyn store and recorded this short video so Metallica fans from far and wide could see what was going on in there. The Brooklyn Pop-Up Store is located at 202 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn.

There was really a lot of cool stuff in the store and we arrived on the early side since we would sadly not be heading out to NJ for the show. Truth be told the best way to get to this Pop-Up Store is via mass transit. I took the F train to York Street and walked for maybe five minutes and was glad I did since there are lots of little side streets over there and a whole lot of construction which makes driving rather difficult. I’ll be working on a full gallery of images from the exploration as well but that will go into a post of its own since I cannot do it right away based on my weekend itinerary. I will be heading to the Playcrafting “Play NYC” convention this weekend and that is going to keep me busy. That being said I was glad to have taken this little jaunt as it now serves as a companion post to the one that I did during the bands “Hardwired To Self-Destruct” tour that lives on our Official YouTube Channel HERE.


Before I close this post up I wanted to share that I also recorded two “Shorts” since that is such a big YouTube initiative nowadays. These short-form videos can be sixty seconds or less and I’ve been greatly enjoying tossing topical things to the Channel when the creativity comes to me.

Let’s see if this new video achieves as many views as the predecessor did. Remember to like the video and by all means give us a subscribe because it would be awesome to have you along with us for the ongoing adventures and this practice helps the Channel reach bigger milestones. You can also enjoy the new Metallica album “72 Seasons” on Spotify by clicking the player that I’ve embedded below.

Official: http://www.metallica.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/metallica

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