“Live: With Full Force” by Crowbar

Artist: Crowbar
Title: “Live: With Full Force”
Label: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 2/6/07
Genre: Doom Core
Rating: 3.5/5

The legends of Doom Core from New Orleans have returned with their new DVD “Live: With Full Force” and it is a great way to get a very candid, and inside look into a band that is comprised of some very regular guys who are just doing what they do best on the stage. They also give the viewer an inside look at the life one leads in the music business. The concert was filmed during the popular German Festival that bears the same name where the guys perform a short set from their back catalog as well as material for their latest album, the 2005 “Lifesblood For The Downtrodden”. You will find that the festival footage to be very intense but sparse in its visuals since those gigs are all about getting onstage and off very quickly. Killer numbers like “The Planets Collide” and “Burn Your World” crunch your ears with Doom and Stoner Metal as it is delivered by masters of the genre. In addition to the concert footage the viewer gets a very interesting “rockumentary” segment that is blended between the concert numbers. While it features commentary from all of the band members the footage is primarily focused on band leader Kirk Windstein. When he speaks you are able to get the real deal scoop on life as a working musician and based on his words the lifestyle is clearly not what many might think it is. Kirk says without pause that he lays most of the blame on the “Behind The Music” specials from VH1 with Motley Crue and Poison for creating the false images of what life is like on the road.

Windstein stresses that it is not all about money, girls and fun yet more hard work than most would ever choose to do in their life. One would tend to agree when you see the band traveling in a cramped car instead of a luxury bus or jammed into the small back room as their dressing area as opposed to an opulent setting with Playboy bunnies running around. The DVD also gives you several of the bands videos to date and since this is footage you would probably find nowhere else, it becomes worthy bonus features to enjoy. Of the six videos we also get the previously unavailable “Slave No More”. As someone who has always been a casual fan of the group I found this to be a very straightforward and candid release but it always manages to remain interesting and it is just perfect for those who enjoy Doom Core. The one thing that I took from this was that these are the guys you hung out with in school, played cards, pool or drank beers with after work if that was your thing. Regular dudes from top to bottom who really love what they are doing even if it “doesn’t make a lot of cake” by doing it. There is also a very serious part in the footage as the band travels back home to a Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and the band does not make any political statements but instead just shows you how their hometown looked. They are images that few in the United States will ever forget.

If you find that music that is heavy, sludgy and loaded with groove the Crowbar is the band for you. They are a band that have had members of Pantera (Rex Brown), Black Label Society (Craig Nunenmacher), Superjoint Ritual and Down among their roster with Windstein always being the consistent and driving force. He mentions that people come and go, and if they want the gig they have it. Talk about a pressured audition process. For this film the bands membership roster is Windstein (guitars/voice), Steve Gibb (guitars), Patrick Bruders (bass) and Tommy Buckley (drums). The band has held a devout following that includes Jaime Jasta and Phil Anselmo among their numbers, and are still part of the underground Metal scene despite an almost two decade career. With this DVD you can “tune down low and play it slow” and after watching you can see why so there are so many heavy bands that love them so much in addition to their diehard followers.

Track Listing:
1. Self-Inflicted
2. I Am Forever
3. The Lasting Dose
4. Burn Your World
5. New Dawn
6. High Rate Extinction
7. Planets Collide
8. All I Had (I Gave)
9. Subversion – video
10. Existence Is Punishment – video
11. All I Had (I Gave) – video
12. The Only Factor – video
13. Dead Sun – video
14. Slave No More – video

Official Website: www.crowbarmusic.com

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