“Live in San Fran 1981” by Iggy Pop

Artist: Iggy Pop
Title: “Live in San Fran 1981”
Label: MVD Audio/Thousand Miles Records
Release Date: December 11, 2007
Genre: Proto-Punk, Garage Rock
Rating: 1/5

Considering just how seminal the work of Iggy Pop is, the shoddy quality of this live album is a damned shame. Unless handled by a major label, live albums frequently sound like they were recorded underwater in the bowl while someone deposited a huge, high-fiber toilet fish atop the microphone — see the Misfits’ “Evilive” or the Damned’s “Live at Shepperton, 1980” as painful cases in point — and while this Iggy chronicle features clear music, the vocals could just as well be someone vomiting up mud into a bucket. Sure the Iggmeister does not wield the dulcet tones of a Robert Plant or a certainly not those of a David Vanian, but he does have a charm and style all his own, not that you’d ever be able to determine that here. The set list is also something of a disappointment, being an uninspired hodgepodge of his work both solo and with his initial band, the Stooges, so this album is pretty much a lose/lose situation. If you’re a seasoned Iggy fan you’re definitely not missing anything by skipping this, and if you’re new to Iggy I’d strongly urge you to ignore this and head straight for either the first Stooges album of for the classic “Raw Power.”

Track Listing:
1. Some Weird Sin
2. Houston Is Hot Tonight
3. TV Eye
4. 1969
5. Rock & Roll Party
6. Bang Bang
7. Dum Dum Boys
8. Eggs On Plate
9. I’m A Conservative
10. I Need More
11. Lust For Life
12. Pumpin For Jill
13. Fire Engine
14. Warrior Tribe

Official Website: http://www.iggypop.com/

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