“Live In Munich 1977” (DVD) by Rainbow

Artist: Rainbow
Title: “Live In Munich 1977”
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 8/22/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow would be his answer to dissatisfaction of life within the confines of Deep Purple. It was a band that while at many times static as far as membership went, delivered some of the best Hard Rock our generation has seen. The band gave us the power of Ronnie James Dio, drummer Cozy Powell and many more over the years that it existed. Running from 1975-1983 the band was a high-energy live act and this film is apparently the only known footage of the lineup in 1977 (featuring Blackmore, Dio, Powell along with Bob Daisley (bass) and David Stone (keyboards). Filmed before a capacity crowd in Munich, Germany this is sure to appeal to fans of the band both old and new. I have to say that for a film that is approaching thirty years in age it holds up pretty darned good as far as visual and audio dynamics; given the production standards of the time it will seem dark at points but it is what it is. This is truly a document of how the band performed back then and you can see especially how great Dio was in his youth. He is a performer who has influenced many and shown like a star from the beginning. There is little stage spectacle besides the music and the only stage effect is the colossal rainbow above that towers above them. This mammoth structure was as complicated as it was magnificent to see and when you look back on it in this film you will see how far stage productions have come if you compare it to what you see at a big Rock show of today. The set list might seem short in number but it is not short in length at all, with extended versions of “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves” and “Catch The Rainbow” all culminating in the destruction of Blackmore’s guitar and rig. It’s a bit over the top, but he was known for this practice. I don’t recommend watching two of these videos back to back or this section will hit you with a big sense of “oh here we go again”.

One of the cool aspects for this DVD would be the inclusion of a miniature replica of the European tour book. Fitting comfortably in the case, the viewer is able to take a little bit more of what it felt like to attend one of these shows. We saw this practice done before when Rush added three such mini-tour books to their “Replay x3” DVD Boxed set. I hope this becomes a common occurrence as I am one of those fans that always seem to buy the book at a show.

Bonus Features: Promo Videos – Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll, Gates Of Babylon, & L.A. Connection. Interviews: Bob Daisley, Colin Hart (Tour Manager); Photo gallery & Slide Show with Audio Commentary. The videos of the time period were primarily used to promote the band and show as very simplistic when compared to the stuff that would come to MTV in the following years. They show the band once on stage and twice in the studio performing to pre-recorded music.

This is a good DVD for fans of Ritchie Blackmore especially, as Eagle Rock Entertainment has provided them with a lot of Deep Purple releases and now has added Rainbow to the collection. Perhaps we will even see the “Live Between The Eyes” concert that features an entirely different cast of players and the Man in Black. Rainbow enthusiasts are advised to pick up a copy of Martin Popoff’s “Rainbow: English Castle Magic” where the author lines out an album by album history of the band. It is sure to fill in many blanks about their existence and further explains the giant rainbow overhead that they toured with. Check them both out.

Song Listing:
1. Kill The King
2. Mistreated
3. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
4. Catch The Rainbow
5. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
6. Man On The Silver Mountain
7. Still I’m Sad
8. Do You Close Your Eyes

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