“Live From Texas” by ZZ Top

Artist: ZZ Top
Title: “Live From Texas”
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 11/4/2008
Genre: Blues Rock
Rating: 4/5

Earlier in the summer of 2008, the Blues-Rock trio ZZ Top released their first ever concert DVD on Eagle Vision entitled “Live In Texas”, and it was a great way to enjoy the bands best material in a live performance setting. Presenting the companion CD to the film and while I was happy to be able to load what I saw on the video onto my music player, I am unsure why this was delivered separately in the first place. I know it’s a common practice for companies to put out a DVD and a CD for these live releases but I think based on the ever shifting geography of the music buying public that it is time to stop this and release them together as one affordable package. Like the concert film, the CD finds the band in top-notch form as they deliver their most popular classics such as “Sharp Dressed Man”, “Gimme All Your Lovin’”, and “Legs” among many others. If you had not seen the film, you would be best informed that if you are looking for the bands earliest material that it is not really presented here and that it focused on the blockbuster “Eliminator” album and a few more of the bands staple numbers. All four of the bands most known tunes from that album are presented here for the curious.

There are a few omissions from the DVD and I am guessing that this was based on the available time that it had against that of the CD. Exclusions include “Pin Cushion”, and “Heard It On The X”, but interestingly enough the “Blues Intro” that comes before “Blue Jean Blues” on the CD is missing from the DVD film. To be honest, I always hate when they leave stuff off of the films to feature them on the CD because it forces the listener to choose and as I began to say just above that these days the buyer is not always willing to purchase both items. It is either one or the other and in the case of music videos that are of note, the included CD is almost secondary in importance. There is a booklet included that offers up the same exact liner notes as the DVD but it sadly cuts the provided photos down to five from the film booklets eight. To be honest, they could have left this alone but I am generally fussy when it comes to this part of a release. I am a listener who loves to hold something in his hands that brings the music to bigger and brighter life while the CD is spinning. The recording is great but you would know that from the video if you purchased it last year and my guess is that if you are one of the bands hard core followers that you will want both. If that is the case then I guess its okay because these dudes have been at the game for almost forty years and this is one hell of a live Greatest Hits package when it comes down to it. If all you wanted where the radio hits of the last couple of decades then this release delivers them all.

Track Listing:
1. Got Me Under Pressure
2. Waitin’ On The Bus
3. Jesus Just Left Chicago
4. I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
5. Cheap Sunglasses
6. Pearl Necklace
7. Just Got Paid
8. Rough Boy
9. Blues Intro
10. Blue Jean Blues
11. Gimme All Your Lovin’
12. Sharp Dressed Man
13. Legs
14. Tube Snake Boogie
15. La Grande
16. Tush

Official Website: http://www.zztop.com

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