“Live” by All That Remains

Artist: All That Remains
Title: “Live”
Label: Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 10/30/2007
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Rating: 4/5

When it comes to naming a superpower in the Melodic Metalcore genre you would be ill advised not to name All That Remains as one of the top acts of the day. It’s true without any doubt and the band seems to have achieved this level of status in a very short amount of time. While they were doing well with their debut album “The Silence And The Solitude”, it wasn’t until “The Fall Of Ideals” was released that they seemed to have become a household name as a vital force in the genre. Sold out concerts in every geographic region that they visit and each show is an absolute melee of humanity that crowd surfs, stage dives, and just gets “into it” in whatever fashion that the music moves them to entertain. The album itself broke records and the band gained more and more loyal fans and upward momentum. Clearly they were onto something and were serving the needs of a hungry Metalcore audience. Having seen them perform I can see why this is the case because the group seems to be as into this on the stage as the fans who are watching them and that alone makes having a live performance DVD something that’s totally cool. “Live” features the band on their very first DVD release and rather than give you one show and some outtakes the folks in ATR give you two full shows, a bunch of their videos and a ton of extra footage that makes this a really entertaining couple of hours.

The first concert comes from Baltimore and this is probably the best one of the two because of the camera angles and tune presentation. As you can imagine the songs come from both of the bands albums and lean more to the blockbuster “The Fall Of Ideals”. While not certain of this, the two sets are very close so I am assuming that the band cut numbers from each and swapped them around a bit to prevent having a completely similar show on this DVD. Bands who offer up three or four shows on a DVD sometimes present the exact same show but in a different region and unless something mind boggling happens during it, I hardly see their need to do so. The two concerts here do bring you right into the mix ad Labonte screams and growls to the audience’s ravenous approval and as you watch you can see just how crazy it gets down there in the pit when they play. It’s safe to say that once you watch these twenty two live tracks that you will either find yourself ordering their music or planning a trip to one of the shows. This is a must have for the bands existing fans and should you be one of those who are still wondering about them, well this should answer any of your questions. ATR!, ATR!, ATR! Say it loud.

Extra Footage: ATR Fans, Guitar Hero II (Oli vs. Mike), History, Q&A With ATR, Life On The Tour Bus, ATR Autograph Session. Videos for “The Air That I Breathe”, “This Calling”, “Tattered On My Sleeve”, “This Darkened Heart”, “The Deepest Gray”, “Not Alone”. Photo Gallery.

*** I have caught them a couple of times in concert now and know full well the effect that they have on their audience. The fans showing their love for ATR definitely drives this band to work harder each and every time. Seeing their comments and interaction with the band during the signing footage is great. The videos aren’t bad either and you get what appears to be all of the bands films to date. As expected, a number of the films come from the bands blockbuster release “The Fall Of Ideals”. There is also a little “Guitar Hero” competition between a couple of the members and it appears as though Oli is the man to beat on that game. One of the bands tunes is actually featured on the game as well so it just goes to reinforce the impact that they are having on the genre.

Track Listing: Baltimore
1. Become The Catalyst
2. This Darkened Heart
3. The Air That I Breathe
4. Sin
5. For Salvation
6. Tattered On My Sleeve
7. The Weak Willed
8. Not Alone
9. It Dwells In Me
10. Focus Shall Not Fail
11. Indictment
12. This Calling

Track Listing: Philadelphia
1. Become The Catalyst
2. This Darkened Heart
3. Six
4. Not Alone
5. It Dwells In Me
6. For Salvation
7. Tattered On My Sleeve
8. Regret Not
9. We Stand
10. Indictment

Official Website: www.allthatremainsmusic.com

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