“Live At The Whiskey” by Paul Di’Anno

Artist: Paul Di’Anno
Title: “Live At The Whiskey”
Label: Spitfire Records
Release Date: 11/21/2000
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 6/10

Original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno released this live album to commemorate his tour which touched down in Los Angeles California as one of its stops. “Live At The Whiskey” is not a bad selection of his solo material as it has a very traditional feel to it’s makeup. One could expect no less from the singer that fronted Maiden for two amazing albums before Bruce Dickinson took over the role. Songs like “Marshall Lokjaw” and “Impaler” actually sound like they could have been on an early Maiden release themselves since the same groove that made us love that band is rooted deep in his solo material. The band is made up of Graham Bath, Gavin Coopers, Cliff Evans, and Steve Hopgood who do a good job for the most part but with such a strong Iron Maiden feel to the original stuff it is difficult to see them shine more than as great cover players. I admit that I did not follow Paul’s career after Maiden and when I heard a live album would be released I expected it to be a lot more of the classic band than was actually present on this release. The whole group does a knock down job of the four classic Iron Maiden songs present and these were particularly good choices for his set list. From his original material in addition to the songs I referenced above I enjoyed “Three Words” and “Die By The Gun”. Fans of the singer will be impressed at the limited change in his vocal register over the years. He can still handle the classic material and does a great job on his own stuff.

This release is produced pretty well for a club recording as the music from the band is very in front and live while the crowd is downplayed enough to not be annoying. Limited artwork and liner notes make up the packaging but that is fine with me. This is more for fans of Di’Anno’s from back in the day who are curious, or those that simply enjoy a good live recording. It’s a fairly solid listen from start to finish with little fluff or flash.

Track List:
1. Impaler
2. Wrathchild
3. A Song For You
4. Marshall Lokjaw
5. Children Of The Revolution
6. Three Words
7. Protector
8. Die By The Gun
9. Remember Tomorrow
10. Phantom Of The Opera
11. Sanctuary

Official Web site: http://www.pauldianno.com/

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