“Live At The US Festival” by Triumph

Artist: Triumph
Title: “Live At US Festival”
Label: TML Entertainment
Release Date: 9/23/2003
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Released in celebration of the band’s 20th anniversary of the legendary performance at the 1983 US Festival comes “Live At The US Festival”, and it’s a concert recording that finds Canada’s own Triumph as a band on top of their game and aiming straight for the future with excellence. The band was appearing on the bill during the Rock day of the Festival and was touring in support of their “Never Surrender” album but despite that being the release the guys would deliver a set loaded with numbers from their earlier albums as well. The CD captures the entire set of eight songs and it’s a stunning performance that can only be considered flawless in its overall sound and sonic delivery. The bonus ninth track is a live recording of “Follow Your Heart”, the blockbuster tune that would come from the “Never Surrender” follow up “Thunder Seven”. Triumph was an amazing band of three musicians and while their number matched Rush, they were a little more straight ahead Power Rock than their Progressive countrymen and were one of the core groups who the term “Arena Rock” was coined about. Fans of the band will attest to their abilities any day of the week and if you were lucky enough to have seen them live back in the day then you know exactly what I am talking about. They always sounded bigger than a three piece band and that was because of the shared vocals of Rik Emmett and Gil Moore and the very powerful and tasty Heavy Rock that they were always delivering. While the set list is rather short there are nothing but their most revered anthems in it and that makes this a perfect part of your ever growing CD library. There is a booklet included but its more of a foldout and there is very little to enjoy on that. There is nothing to speak of in the way of band or live performance photos.

The CD also comes with a bonus DVD that features three videos from a couple of different places. We have “Spellbound”, “Fight The Good Fight” and “Follow Your Heart” presented, but only the latter track comes from the video for the US Festival. “Spellbound” comes from “A Night Of Triumph” which is a DVD film that was presented for the “Sport Of Kings” CD and “Follow Your Heart” seems to be the original video but I could have a fading memory on that one. The US Festival concert performance by Triumph was released in tandem with a DVD that features the very same songs and based on this I feel that this release should only be purchased after you have bought the film and decided that you must also have the audio version as well. Either way, this is a band that belongs in the record books for their contributions for 1983 there were not too many bands who were better at doing what they did.

Track Listing:
1. Allied Forces
2. Lay It On The Line
3. Never Surrender
4. Magic Power
5. A World Of Fantasy
6. Rock & Roll Machine
7. When The Lights Go Down
8. Fight The Good Fight
9. Follow Your Heart – bonus

Official Website: www.triumphmusic.com

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