“Live At Rockpalast” (Boxed Set) by Rory Gallagher

Artist: Rory Gallagher
Title: “Live At Rockpalast” (Boxed Set)
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 8/7/2007
Genre: Blues Rock
Rating: 4/5

Holy Smoke! This 3 DVD set is great! An awesome chronicling of Blues/Rock legend, Rory Gallagher’s live performances from 1976 through 1990 on Rockpalast (Rock Palace) a German television show with kick ass production values. So as a result this DVD has fantastic production values as well. Great sound and camera work. Raw and rocking performances. This is a must have collection for any Gallagher fan. This should also be of interest to any guitarists who appreciate great guitar playing, packed with killer blues jams.

The highlights on this collection are many with the dynamic performances given. Worth mentioning is an appearance by Jack Bruce, jamming on the Cream Classic “Born Under A Bad Sign”, Muddy Waters “I’m Ready”, And Cream’s “Politician”. Another personal favorite of mine is the song “Jacknife Beat” from the 1976 Cologne appearance. It’s a funky, greasy, groove with a killer jam to it.

All of the performances are energetic and honest performances that are pure and powerful. They truly demonstrate Rory’s talent and virtuosity as well as the dynamic performer he is. There are also many heartfelt solo performances on this collection that feature Rory solo on an acoustic guitar of Dobro and these really highlight his level of talent all the more. This DVD Boxed set features all of his performances from the program and is a must have for any fan of the guitar player or just those fans of Blues oriented Rock that jams.


WDR Studio L – 1976
1. Pistol Slapper Blues 2. Too Much Alcohol 3. Out On The Western Plain 4. Banker’s Blues 5. Rag Mama Rag 6. Nothing But The Devil 7. Going To My Hometown 8. I Take What I Want 9. Calling Card 10. Secret Agent 11. Do You Read Me 12. Bought And Sold 13. Country Mile 14. Jacknife Beat 15. Boogie

Grugahalle Essen – 1977
1. Messin’ With The Kid 2. I Take What I Want 3. Garbage Man 4. Moonchild 5. Secret Agent 6. Calling Card 7. Out On The Western Plain 8. Barley and Grape Rag 9. Tattoo’d Lady 10. Souped Up Ford 11. Bullfrog Blues 12. Bought And Sold

Wiesbaden 1979
1. Shin Kicker 2. The Last Of The Independents 3. Off The Handle 4. Bought And Sold 5. Shadow Play 6. A Million Miles Away 7. Hell Cat 8. Out On The Western Plain 9. Too Much Alcohol 10. Goin’ To My Hometown 11. Tattoo’d Lady 12. Secret Agent 13. Roberta

Jam Session Wiesbaden 1979
1. Bullfrog Blues 2. Walkin’ The Dog 3. Sea Cruise 4. Around And Around 5. Roll Over Beethoven

Loreley Jam 1982
1. Knocking On Heaven’s Door 2. I’m Ready 3. Medley: Lucille / Dust My Broom / I’m Movin’ / Be Bop A Lula 4. Slow Blues 5. I Have The Blues

Loreley 1982
1. Wayward Child 2. Double Vision 3. Big Guns 4. What In The World 5. Nadine 6. Follow Me 7. Bad Penny 8. Bourbon 9. Jinxed 10. Moonchild 11. Brute Force And Ignorance 12. The Devil Made Me Do It 13. Out On The Western Plain 14. Ride On Red, Ride On 15. Philby 16. Shadow Play 17. Shin Kicker 18. Peter Gunn

Cologne 1990
1. Continental Op 2. Don’t Start Me Talkin’ 3. Mean Disposition 4. Kid Gloves 5. Middle Name 6. The King Of Zydeco 7. Out On The Western Plain 8. Empire State Express 9. The Loop 10. Garbage Man 11. When My Baby She Left Me 12. Shadow Play 13. Shin Kicker 14. Born Under A Bad Sign (w/ Jack Bruce) 15. I’m Ready (w/ Jack Bruce) 16. Politician (w/ Jack Bruce)

Official Website: http://www.rorygallagher.com/

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