Lionsgate Presents: “Day Of The Dead: Bloodline” Official Red Band Trailer #1

I’m just learning about this one and its a continuation of sorts of what we found in the “Day Of The Dead” film by George Romero. Though its cited as being remade from the one in 2008, it didn’t look like that premise at all to me but of course its been a while since I’ve seen it. Here’s the “Red Band” trailer which means its a lot more intense than a conventional one. Watch your back now……

The Plot: A small group of military personnel and some survivalists dwell in an underground bunker as they seek to find a cure in a world overrun by zombies.

The Cast/Characters:
Sophie Skelton as Zoe Parker
Johnathon Schaech as Max
Jeff Gum as Miguel Salazar
Marcus Vanco as Baca Salazar
Mark Rhino Smith as Alphonse
Cristina Serafini as Elle
Lillian Blankenship as Lily
Bruce Campbell

PiercingMetal Thoughts: The film opens up in early January according to what I am reading so I am not too sure that I will be catching this one early in its theatrical run or at all based on the hectic after holiday schedule that I just know is going to happen. Films like this one I tend to wait until its on one of the pay channels or Netflix. It does look interesting enough though and shows the zombies doing what they do best (chasing after and eating the living). What did you readers think of the trailer? Will you be seeing this one in tthe theaters? Based on the time of release you’d still have a few weeks before “The Walking Dead” returns so why not get more zombies in your life. I mean, as long as this is fantasy its all good right? Right? See you next time.

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