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Lionsgate Films “Moonfall” Official Trailer

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Since the Teaser Trailer (discussed HERE) intrigued me, I’ve decided to keep on supporting this upcoming Disaster/Science Fiction film by Roland Emmerich called “Moonfall”. The Official Trailer just recently dropped and you can check that out down below along with the other information that I generally share in this type of narrative. Enjoy.

The Premise: The Moon is knocked from its orbit by an unknown force and put onto a collision course with Earth. Two astronauts and a conspiracy theorist work together to attempt to avert disaster and discover that the moon is not what it seems.

The Cast/Characters:
Halle Berry as Jocinda “Jo” Fowler
Patrick Wilson as Brian Harper
John Bradley as K. C. Houseman
Michael Peña as Tom Lopez
Charlie Plummer as Sonny Harper
Kelly Yu as Michelle
Donald Sutherland as Holdenfield
Eme Ikwuakor as Doug Davidson
Carolina Bartczak as Brenda Lopez
Maxim Roy as Captain Gabriella Auclair
Stephen Bogaert as Albert Hutchings
Azriel Dalman as Sonny Child

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This trailer seems to show a lot more than the teaser did and that’s what they tend to do anyway. So from the looks of it the moon is not only coming right at us but also seems to be some kind of monster. Alright then. That’s definitely something that I wasn’t expecting. Right now I am still sticking with my plan on not being among the early viewers of this release when it opens up but that is more based on a combination of regular work and agenda items for the websites. I just cannot be everywhere all the time. This trailer had some moments which have increased my curiosity so maybe when February rolls around I will have changed my mind. Let’s see what happens. So what about you readers? Did you like this one and are you more in line with catching it on the big screen? Chime in down below and as our brand-new year yawns and stretches to begin doing what it should be doing, I wish you good health and safety. See you next time.

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