Lez Zeppelin’s Shannon Conley Joins The Cast Of “Hedwig and The Angry Inch” For Limited Dates

Hey there fiends, it was not long ago when we were raising the glass about one Miss Lena Hall (a singer that we have seen in a few bands over the years) joining the Broadway production of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” – As fans of Miss Hall’s Rocking sense we were so happy to see her join this play with Neil Patrick Harris and absolutely stoked when she won her very first Tony Award for “Best Featured Actress In A Musical” (see my toast HERE). Now its time for Miss Hall to take a much needed and very well deserved vacation and in her place for the short duration will be Lez Zeppelin’s own Shannon Conley.

Poster - Hedwig and The Angry Inch - 2014 - 2

The poster above shows Andrew Rannels in the role of “Hedwig” because Neil Patrick Harris’ run in the role has come to a close and since we have seen Shannon do numerous performances with Lez Zep, we know that the role of Yitzak is in good hands until Lena returns from vacations. Shannon’s brief appearance in the role will run from Tuesday September 30th until Sunday October 5th, so if you are interested in seeing how she does this performance, you best get on over to HedwigOnBroadway.com to order your tickets quick. I know that sometimes the theater does these contests right outside before a performance but why take your chances on that when you can just plop down a credit card and secure a seat before its too late. Fans of Shannon’s work in LZ are likely going to want to support her especially since this is her own Broadway debut.


The shot above is from an acoustic Lez Zeppelin appearance that I shot with my always trusty Panasonic Lumix at the now shuttered J&R Music World. If you have never enjoyed the music of Lez Zeppelin, please click HERE to see one of the videos that I captured. There are more to enjoy and I would not mind if you watched them all and even subscribed to the channel if you liked what you saw.

Good luck Shannon, we are sure you are going to kick some ass during this show.

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