Legendary Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Has Died (1941-2021)

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Just a short time ago, the members of The Rolling Stones took to their Twitter account and shared the news about the passing of their drummer the legendary Charlie Watts. Charlie was recovering from a medical procedure and set to miss touring dates. He was 80 years old and their tweet has been embedded for your review.

Readers might recall that we recently shared the news about Watts sitting out the rescheduled dates for the “No Filter Tour” after his having an unspecified medical procedure. It had been pointed out that a significant recovery time was necessary and in his place for the time being would be Steve Jordan. The rich and involved music history of such a musician like Charlie Watts is too deep to recant here and I sad to share that despite my almost lifelong appreciation of their music and his solid time-keeping that I never managed to witness The Rolling Stones in concert. As a drummer myself, Charlie’s patterns were among the first that I would learn with the pickup bands I worked with as a young musician. I remember needing to learn songs like “Satisfaction” and “Paint It Black” along with “Sympathy For The Devil”. Since I was playing in Hard Rock and Metal bands these were numbers that were easy to speed up a bit and make a little more heavier than the original but I digress. It’s obviously too early in the news to know what plans The Stones have for the drum throne but I will venture to guess that Jordan remains in place for the duration. He is a skilled player and one who will do Charlie’s memory a proper justice. We wish the family, friends, band mates in the Stones and the worldwide fans of the great Charlie Watts the deepest of condolences during this sad time. Thanks for the music that will live on in so many memories for years to come. May you Rest In Peace.

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