Legendary Bassist Trevor Bolder Has Passed Away (5/21/2013)

I had not yet even gotten over the shock about the passing of Ray Manzarek when this equally saddening news came to my attention. Regretfully I share with you the news that the great Trevor Bolder (founder and bassist at one time for David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars and the current bringer of the thunder for Uriah Heep) has passed away after battling cancer. He was only 62 years of age. Having just seen this fantastic musician only a few months ago and enjoying some musical chit chat and a drink after the gig this news just brings me down about such a loss. I’ve copied the bands official statement below my photo from this gig for you all to reflect upon.

Trevor Bolder Onstage @ B.B. King Blues Club (2012)

A Statement From Uriah Heep: It is with great sadness that Uriah Heep announce the passing of our friend the amazing Trevor Bolder, who has passed away after his long fight with cancer. Trevor was an all time great, one of the outstanding musicians of his generation, and one of the finest and most influential bass players that Britain ever produced. His long time membership of Uriah Heep brought the band’s music, and Trevor’s virtuosity and enthusiasm, to hundreds of thousands of fans across the world. He joined the band in 1976 and, barring one short break, was a fixture until his ill health forced him to take a step back early this year. Prior to joining Heep he was a founder and ever-present member of David Bowie’s legendary Spiders From Mars band, performing on all of their key albums and at countless shows. He also performed with Wishbone Ash, Cybernauts and The Rats. Mick Box said, “Trevor was a ‘World Class’ bass player, singer & songwriter, and more importantly a World Class friend. He will be sadly missed by family, friends and rock fans all over the world. We are all numb to the core”.

Uriah Heep's Trevor Bolder (2010)
Uriah Heep’s Trevor Bolder (2010)

Truth be told while I always loved what Bowie did with The Spiders I can easily admit that I was never a total study about what Trevor had done after this and I was a very late comer to the majesty of Uriah Heep tunes. Yes I liked the standard tracks that everyone knows but that hardly makes one an expert and I am not afraid to admit this shortcoming. Despite this, I completely enjoyed his playing and when I was first able to turn my music scribe attention on Heep with a long anticipated NYC appearance a few years ago, I was completely blown away by what every single guy in the band was doing. The highlights of course being the great Mick Box and crushing bass riffs of Trevor Bolder. While not a part of the bands original lineup, he initially started working with the band in 1976 and is featured on 21 of their releases. Talk about a prolific career.  These are in addition to the four recordings done under Bowie’s command.

Uriah Heep's Trevor Bolder (2011)
Uriah Heep’s Trevor Bolder (2011)

At the last show we entertained his inclusion in my year end “Music Resolutions” feature but he would take a leave of absence from the band shortly after so we didn’t manage to do that. When I learned he was on the recovery path from the illness the hopes were high upon a triumphant return which as you see did not manage to happen. Trevor Bolder is one of those musical presences that can never be easily filled in for nor replaced. It was indeed an honor to meet with him and I thank him for all of his musical contributions over these last decades. He will be missed. We send condolences and the best hope for eventual acceptance of this sad loss to his family, his mates in Uriah Heep, and the worldwide fans that he has gained since he started out. Rest in Peace Mr. Bolder.

Learn more about the man, the musician, the legend via his Wikipedia Entry HERE

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  1. Great article Kenny. And I have you, and Piercing Metal to thank for the the opportunity to have seen Trev in concert with Uriah Heep last year. I was really looking forward to seeing him with them again this year, and talking his ear off about bass stuff, but sadly its not going to happen. I am really down about this one.

  2. Good man , i came to know him in his last weeks and days .
    Amazing strength of character and resolve .
    A brave soul and a fantastic musician.

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