Leftfield Media Lines Out “Anime NYC” Vaccination & Mask Update

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The Press Release:
Throughout the year, Anime NYC has worked closely with the Javits Center and New York City and New York State officials to assure we run this November as a safe and healthy event. We tremendously appreciate their guidance, and we wish to share the latest from NYC with you today. On August 3, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced proof of vaccination will be required to participate in indoor events across NYC. The full details from the City will be coming later this month, but we want to make sure we share an overview with you immediately. As of now, the following will be required to participate in this year’s Anime NYC…

• Proof of Vaccination for all Anime NYC Participants
• Required Mask Usage for all Anime NYC Participants

Proof of Vaccination and Masks will be required for all fans, exhibitors, artists, guests, crew, and staff, and we will be following this up with more information later this month. We know there will be many detailed questions (Children under 12? Immunocompromised medical conditions? Cosplay?), and please be assured we will have answers for all of these as well as further clarification around the proof of vaccination required and mask specifics at that time. And while we look to welcome the anime community back together, if you are uncomfortable or these policies are not a match for you, we will additionally have details about ticket rollover options later this month. Lastly, please understand these guidelines are as of today, they will continue to evolve through the summer and fall, and should vaccinations rise and COVID cases fall, we could see a relaxation of these guides before November. As always, we will share more details and changes as soon as we have further information.

Until then, I want to say I’m vaccinated and the entirety of the Anime NYC staff is vaccinated – many right inside the Javits Center.
If you’re not yet vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to book a safe, free, and effective vaccine appointment right now throughout New York City, New York State, or our neighboring states…

• NYC Vaccine Sites – HERE
• NYS Vaccine Sites – HERE
• NJ Vaccine Sites – HERE
• CT Vaccine Sites – HERE

We thank the Javits Center for all their effort throughout COVID-19 as a field hospital, then a vaccination site, and now for their guidance as live events return. After a long, tough year, we’re proud to bring New York’s anime community back together, and we will continue to follow the latest direction of the Javits Center and local government officials for a safe and healthy event this November.

Peter Tatara, Founder, Anime NYC

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As a fully-vaccinated member of the Geek Media I am not at all surprised at this announcement and think that its a very good thing. Speaking frankly, I am more comfortable being in crowded places with those who are also vaccinated and have been cautious during this very precarious time. I know that a lot of people are screaming assorted stuff about the vaccine and rights and all that but I am looking to have the world be back to as normal as it can be. According to the news across Facebook, many large-scale events will be adopting similar policies and since each week comes new news some more restictive conditions might be in place before you know it. Let’s approach that when and if it comes. I love the Anime NYC event and hope to be there once more and bring you the wild costumes and colorful scenes that we have seen during the last few conventions. What do you readers think about this news? Are you planning on attending this fun event? Chime in down below in the comments section and please keep safe out there. This isn’t over yet so its best to keep vigilant. See you next time.

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