Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti”; A Milestone of Milestones @ 40 Years (1975-2015)

Today is the fortieth anniversary of a milestone album among milestone albums as we raise a glass in honor of Led Zeppelin’s sixth record “Physical Graffiti”. Where were you on this day back in 1975? I was ten and can admit that Led Zep music was still pretty far away from my own focus and I was instead paying more attention to the never ending reruns of “Batman” and the much loved Monster Week or Science Fiction/Planet Of The Apes week on the 4:30 Movie. However with that being said when I was finally indulging into music I would get a healthy education from this particular Zep issue and their seminal “Led Zeppelin IV” as well. Historically speaking this has remained one of my personal favorites from the bands catalog based on just how many songs that I enjoy from it and still do. When it was being recorded, it seemed that Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham had too many songs for one single LP and that would lead to the release of this double vinyl that we have been worshipping as fans of music for so very long.

Released on Swan Song Records (which was a label started by the band) and produced by guitarist Jimmy Page; I’ll leave all the technical details about the album to your own discovery by leaving its Wikipedia entry at the close of this narrative. There is no need for my repeating that which has already been lined out very well for the masses. This is simply my own quick toast and reflections on the time that we all got this one into our music hungry minds. Looking over the track listing on this fortieth anniversary I think that some songs “speak” louder to me than they first did while others do not. The loudest resonance comes from tunes like “In The Light”, “In My Time Of Dying” and of course the maginificent “Kashmir”. What were your own favorites from this release? You can let me know in the comments when it is time to do so.

Track Listing:
1. Custard Pie
2. The Rover
3. In My Time of Dying
4. Houses of the Holy
5. Trampled Under Foot
6. Kashmir
7. In the Light
8. Bron-Yr-Aur
9. Down by the Seaside
10. Ten Years Gone
11. Night Flight
12. The Wanton Song
13. Boogie with Stu
14. Black Country Woman
15. Sick Again

As I first started seeing concerts in 1980 when KISS played MSG, I would never have the chance to see Zeppelin based on drummer John Bonham passing away in June of that same year. The band would decide to retire after that tragedy that December and no one would ever end up replacing John on the kit. However, back in 2007, the members of Led Zeppelin reunited once more along with Jason Bonham (John’s son for those who are not in the know) for a one-off tribute concert to Ahmet Ertegun. This show was released on video and audio and its so worth having in your collection. It’s called “Celebration Day” and I think its pretty safe to say that we will not ever see another reunion of the band but of course I am sure willing to be surprised and proven wrong about that statement. In today’s music geography fans of the band can relive their sound via some talented tribute acts such as Led Zeppelin 2 and Lez Zeppelin who each put on a rock solid performance that will leave you screaming for more. The “Physical Graffiti” album has a remstered and expanded edition coming out on the day of this special anniversary. How cool is that. So thank you Led Zeppelin for such an album and one that still is as powerful if not more so than it was back in the day.

Something For The Tourists: Visitors to NYC who have music sites on their mind often head down to St. Marks Place and look for buildings numbered 96-98 because that is the structure that is seen on the albums cover. The photos below were taken over the summer as my friends and I headed to see some others in our circle. A good night was started by the visual of Rock and Roll history.

led zeppelin physical graffiti building, st. marks place nyc, 96-98 st. marks place, physical graffiti building,

led zeppelin physical graffiti building, st. marks place nyc, 96-98 st. marks place, physical graffiti building,

Official Website: www.ledzeppelin.com
Official Album Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Graffiti

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