Label News: Tengger Cavalry Signs With Napalm Records!

Hey fiends, let’s get back to the Metal Music Reporting for a moment if we may LOL. Of course, you know we are still doing that but with the recent NY Comic Con and all the themed television shows premiering it was starting to feel like we had veered off course by some people. With that said, we recently got the news about one of our city’s bands Tengger Cavalry signing a deal with Napalm Records. Let’s take a look at the press release below. I’ll return at the close.

The Press Release:
Hailing from New York city, with their exotic mix of throat singing, the Mongolian fiddle and Central Asian instruments, TENGGER CAVALRY have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records!

Says the band about their recent signing with Napalm Records:
“We have always been huge fans of Napalm Records. Growing up listening to lots of the bands that signing to the label, we are just so inspired by the musical ideas of the label of how progressive and heavy the sound it presents. And now we are honored to be part of the Napalm Records family and can’t wait to share our nomadic folk sound to the new community!”

Set for an album release in early 2018 but to shorten your wait, TENGGER CAVALRY have now released a first lyric video to the single ‘Ritual And Redemption’, taken from the band’s upcoming album on Napalm Records! Dive into the nomadic folks sounds of TENGGER CAVALRY here:

You can download and stream the single here:

TENGGER CAVALRY, or “the army of sky god”, is not just a Billboard-featured metal band, but also the symbol of nomadic warrior spirit that connects fans from all over the world. Since the band formed in 2010, TENGGER CAVALRY successfully completed two headlining tours across over 40 cities of North America, performed at legendary venues such as The Marlin Room at Webster Hall or the Whisky a Go Go, a sold out show at Carnegie Hall and have been featured on CNN, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. To this date, TENGGER CAVALRY have released five full-length albums, two EPs and numerous singles, including unique cover interpretations of classics such as Motorhead’s ‘Fight’.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard and spoken about with the Tengger Cavalry here on the website, I’ve never managed to get around to seeing them live. Sadly, when you live in a Metal Metropolis such as ours there is so much going on that you cannot even hope to see every act that you’d like to. I’ve met the bands founder Nature on numerous occasions and wish his project the very best with this signing. Hopefully their new material will be very heavy on the Mongolian Folk and make this an education in the cultures of the past. Let’s see what creativity comes from them next year when the album gets released. What do you readers think about this new signing for Napalm Records? Are you someone who has followed the band already and it brings great joy to? Let me know down in the comments section below. See you next time.

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Tengger Cavalry:
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